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Procurify is more than software. We’re committed to helping companies find a better way to manage their Spending Culture.

The people who work at Procurify are driven by passion, strive to remain humble and are looking for ways to help your company be more successful. Whether you’ve forgotten your login credentials, need help setting up Procurify, or just want a refresher on best purchasing practices to impress your colleagues we’re here to serve you.

These are the people committed to your success.

Kenneth Loi

CRO & Head of Customer Success

Jessica Chang

Customer Success Manager

Priscilla Ng

Customer Success Manager

Jaime Tagle

Customer Success Manager

Carol Huang

Professional Services

Lauren Harcott

Professional Services & Customer Support

Professional support

Our team is dedicated to helping everyone in your organization:

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Beyond just helping you adopt Procurify, the customer success team will help facilitate change management for you. We will help spread adoption throughout your organization by working with your team so they understand why a streamlined purchasing process is important and how they can be a part of improving the workflow.

Whether you want to chat, video conference, jump on a call, or email we’ll be there to help your organization constantly improve.

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