How This Logistics Company Used Procurify to Oversee Spending Across the Country

About Cennox

Cennox supports the world’s leading brands in delivering complex projects. This logistics company operates in more than 49 states across the U.S. and employs more than 300 people. 

From nationwide installation services and technical hardware provision, to implementing security solutions, signage projects and branch transformation, Cennox’s primary objective is to improve cost efficiencies, provide choice, and deliver ongoing services that enable the operations of their clients.

Find out how Procurify helped Cennox centralize control over their cross-country spending.

Kevin Broughton

Chief Information Officer

Kevin Broughten is the Chief Information Officer at Cennox. With a well-rounded executive skill set, Kevin’s role has him developing strategy and creating new value at Cennox, and then communicating that strategy to key stakeholders.

Kevin leads information and technology services globally, joining the group board as the only non-owner member. He develops cross-departmental teams built on business efficiency, digital transformation, and revenue enhancement projects through multiple domestic and foreign mergers during a period of rapid growth.

Kevin Broughton

Chief Information Officer

Improving purchasing workflows with a centralized solution

With a workforce of almost 300 operating in 49 states with only one central office, Cennox, Inc needed a system that could help implement a way to approve items before purchase and learn about the status of their budgets before month end. Cennox, Inc. chose Procurify to help establish a workflow that would drastically improve the purchasing process for a workforce that was vastly spread across the country.

There was no way to check what we had spent until the month was over.

With employees spread across the entire United States making credit card purchases without any strict oversight, expenditures and purchases were beginning to total a few million dollars. Although the process was simple, filling out expense reports and submitting them, the process was inadequate when trying to manage company spend. There was essentially no purchasing process in place. It was managed by nobody, but monitored by the accounting team. 

Kevin explains, “Accounting oversaw the process because they were the ones who paid the bills. But by the time they had questions and had to report to company leaders, everything had already been purchased. Essentially all of our employees, including management, work out in the field. There is no central location that they would go into. So, in the past, it was kind of the wild west when it came to purchasing. There was an expectation as to what you could buy and what was allowed, but, for the most part, all of our purchasing was post-purchase approval. So, the challenge was that we really didn’t know what our expenses were until well after the month was over.”

The ability to check budgets when approving with Procurify

Using Procurify helped establish a purchasing system that did not previously exist. It was key to have a system that all employees could access regardless of their location. Having departments and dedicated budgets meant having controls in place that were easy for team leaders to track and the accounting team to report from. 

“There was nothing in place that would be considered a classical purchasing system. What moving to Procurify has done is it has allowed us to have a set of controls in place – reporting and insight into how our spending is going that simply did not exist before.”

Moving to the cloud was a no-brainer

Being cloud based also helped relieve the stress of having an in house system. By choosing a software that is accessible anywhere both the management and field workers benefit from moving away from a traditional on-premise solution to one that is web based and mobile friendly. 

“We want to move more of our resources into a cloud-based environment because we do not want to maintain the staff or resources in-house to support systems. So, even though we can have in house systems, we believe that it is a no-brainer to offload the software to a cloud-based provider. We believe that we will see the benefits of cloud-based software such as more frequent updates than if we installed software on premise.”
Without a proper purchasing process in place there were no controls or insights into company spending.
Kevin Broughton

Kevin Broughton

Chief Information Officer, Cennox


“The usability and the accessibility of the software, having a system that supports an office that is scattered across the country, is the number one reason we chose the software. The user interface and the simplicity of the software coupled with the ability to provide all of the core purchasing functions that we need was a huge benefit.” 

“Procurify has allowed us to have a set of controls in place where we didn’t really enforce a spending policy and there weren’t any regulations when things weren’t approved. Now that we use Procurify there is a strong expectation in the company to move as much purchasing and expense reporting through Procurify in order to have the controls that we lacked before.” 

Final thoughts

“The onboarding process has also been great. Working with Procurify’s professional services and customer success teams has been a pleasure. The ability to contact someone directly within the software is especially important.”

“It is easy for our employees to use and it was easy to implement. And, finally, Procurify provides the core features we need. Just knowing that the software is there, and that there is an expectation to use it, has caused purchasing control to be much tighter than it was before.”

Procurify, being a web-based system available on our mobile phones and on the web for our employees that are remote, makes it very easy for us to have a central system that is distributed across the entire country for our workforce.
Kevin Broughton

Kevin Broughton

Chief Information Officer, Cennox

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Cennox supports the world’s leading brands, delivering products and solutions across multiple service channels. They offer a wide range of solutions to the world's leading banks, retail and commercial institutions.




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