How Procurify Handled Growth and Improved Purchasing Oversight for Workplace Options

About Workplace Options

Workplace Options is the world’s largest provider of employee wellbeing services. They specialize in offering emotional, practical, and physical wellbeing support to employees and their families around the world. 

As the world finds itself grappling with a global pandemic, Workplace Options has been doing its part to help organizations adjust to the new normal. The company has offered free webinars and services to help employees adjust to remote work. Since the start of March 2020, they’ve hosted 20-30 webinars per week in eight different languages on topics ranging from mindfulness and resilience, to how to work from home with children. 

Workplace Options has a long history of serving the ever-changing needs of employees around the globe. The company has more than 35 years of experience in employee service. Their wide range of offerings includes critical incident support, and wellness services. They currently serve more than  65 million employees in 100,000 organizations across more than 200 countries and territories.

Alan King

President and CEO

Workplace Options is the world's largest privately owned and independent provider of integrated employee wellbeing solutions, bringing millions of employees exceptional support services around the globe.

Alan King

President and CEO

Bridging the Gap

As Workplace Options, a 35-year business has grown over the years, it faced challenges. In his former role as COO, Alan King was charged with overseeing procurement for hundreds of the company’s employees in more than a dozen offices around the globe. The company had a wide range of expenses to track from capital expenditures and expense departments with heavy vendor relationships. This included legal, translation services, and IT spending. King wanted a system that would provide him with improved oversight, without unnecessary red tape. 

Prior to implementing Procurify, Workplace Options’ procurement system was email-based and King had little control. The company’s approval process was lacking and King often struggled to track employee orders. This sometimes led to duplicate or redundant spending. 

“At the time I was looking for a really simple, reasonably priced tool that would provide us with workflow approvals and was cloud-based,” King says. “I stumbled across Procurify on one of the tech review websites and saw that it could be quickly implemented, that it fit our pocketbook at the time, and it would offer all the things that I wanted. So it was a very simple decision”.

Discipline and Control

Since implementing Procurify in 2015, Workplace Options has developed a better understanding of how much they’re spending and what they’re spending those valuable dollars on. King says he’s seen a number of benefits that have improved the level of control he has over his company’s procurement.

“One is the absolute simplicity of being able to use Procurify. Whenever I'm sitting in the office and a request comes in, I just click on the notification from my email and go into it via the web. If I'm out and something comes on my phone, I use the mobile app,” King says. “The other piece that we like is the reporting and the ability to establish budgetary levels so that in addition to whatever we're doing on our own monthly financial side and tracking expenditures, that we have a layer of proactive control that happens every time someone submits a request.”

With offices around the world, Workplace Options has to navigate a different audit process in each of the countries they operate in. While the requirements of these audits can vary, Procurify provides the company with a simple and easy way of presenting detailed accounts of its purchasing. Learn everything you need to know about the audit trail.

Like many entrepreneurial organizations, we were short on structure and that was true with our purchasing function, King says. What I was looking to find was a system that would provide a level of discipline for us without imposing what normally comes with that, which is a bureaucracy which actually harms businesses from moving quickly and effectively.
Alan King

Alan King

President and CEO, Workplace Options

Streamlining procurement during a global pandemic

Procurify has also allowed the company to streamline procurement in its disparate locations in other ways. 

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Workplace Options’ services are more in demand than ever and the company is taking on more than 1 million new users every month. Procurify helps ensure that growth continues.

“What Procurify provides is a single unified system that actually allows us to accommodate different currencies,” King says. “That just makes it consistent. We're not treating one company, one country, or division differently than another. Everyone is adhering to the same process and to the same guidelines. It creates a level of oversight that I don't think could happen as simply or as easily using either a different system or with just a simple internal procurement department.”

Procurify made it much easier for us to be able to continue the normal operations of our business.
Alan King

Alan King

President and CEO, Workplace Options

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Workplace Options is the world's largest privately owned and independent provider of integrated employee wellbeing solutions, bringing millions of employees exceptional support services around the globe.


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