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Take control of your organization's Spend Culture

Control spending with a proactive approval process, improve compliance with a convenient purchasing workflow, and drive profit through better spend visibility.

Accessible, Convenient & Manageable

Login from your desktop, laptop, or your mobile device


A purchasing software that fits inside your phone so you can request, approve and track spending wherever you have Internet access.

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Procurify saves countless hours by reducing or eliminating manual work when it comes to tracking and organizing company spending.

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You can customize user access to different features, spending thresholds, and approval routing based on your company's specific needs.

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Move away from reactive expense reporting

Procurify helps organizations move from trying to manage reactive expenses to promoting a proactive spend culture: Control and track all your company spending, drive purchasing process compliance to close your company's month-end faster, and gain more insights for your spend analysis.


Procurify’s product walkthrough

Take a self-guided tour of some of Procurify’s most popular features including:
• Request Process
• Approval Process
• Purchase Order Management


Try the leading mobile app for spend management

Procurify put the entire purchase-to-pay cycle, from requests to reporting and everything in-between, into a purchasing software that fits in your phone.

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How Procurify Works

Procurify’s founders weren't developers; they were Operations, Purchasing & Finance experts. Trust us, we know exactly what your needs and worries are.

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“Procurify is great. It's easy to use. I could train someone how to use the phone app in less than five minutes. It's simple and simple is what you need in an organization. Procurify makes sure we work within our processes and stay within the systems we built and just keeps all the processes smooth and efficient.”


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