More labs and biotech companies are turning to Procurify to manage their resources and expenses.


Make every second count, get your materials and resources in a timely manner

Often in biotech success or failure results from getting the equipment or materials you need at the right time.

Complete tracking and transaction history of all your purchases

Who initially made a request, who approved it and who ultimately purchased it, every step and change in the purchasing process is recorded.

Instant spend analysis and insights into how funding and budgets are being allocated

Track all spending to departments, vendors, project codes and grants.

Moving your purchasing process to a user-friendly platform

For all of the purchasing steps, budgets and receiving, Procurify makes it easy to set up a system that improves processes quickly.

“When it comes to the biotech industry, everything is time-sensitive. You can’t produce results again.You have a narrow window, and if the items don’t come in, it can affect years of work. A procurement system is instrumental to ensure there’s continuity and success in these experiments.”

Tai Nguyen, Director of Financial and Research Planning at J Craig Venter Institute

Biotech Industry Whitepaper

How Procurify helps Biotech Companies

With insights from industry leaders and Procurify partners, an in depth look into the challenges that labs and biotech companies face around the world and how they turn to technology to solve these common problems.


Some of our happy Biotech industry partners

What Biotech Professionals are saying

“We had an ISO audit this year and [the auditor] was astonished, he just loved it. He said he’s gonna recommend Procurify to everyone.”

Bada DeMaria

Operations Specialist, InSphero

“Excellent customer service and very friendly user software.”

Ligia Amezcua

Operations Manager, California Medical Innovations Institute

“You can create Purchase orders in a simple and complex manner in Procurify. It makes the levels of compliance with tax authorities pain free as possible.”

Daniel O’keefe

Senior Technician, Sensl

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