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Procurify for small business

Everything your growing business needs towards starting a proactive Spend Culture

*Our Small Business plan is catered for organizations with 100 employees and under.

Procurify for Small Business brings procure-to-pay functionality with startup pricing.

Get your team on a cloud-based workflow. Web-based as well as Mobile IOS and Android interfaces. Request to approve, purchase order management, receive tracking and 2-way matching; all in one place.

Procurify for Small Business comes with our Mobile IOS and Android apps. Support your organization’s purchasing process anywhere you go with Procurify for mobile.


Get the core functionality you need to get your business started the right way.

What's included?

  • Purchase requisitions

  • Expense Reports

  • Multi-level approvals (up to two)

  • Purchase order management

  • Receive tracking

  • Two-way matching

  • iOS & Android mobile apps

  • CSV exports

  • Live chat & helpdesk support

  • Up to 10 users

10GB attachment data storage

500 transactions / year

“If I had advice for someone looking for a solution it would be that is just that paper itself is so overwhelming. Procurify is great because it helps keep you organized. You don’t have to have paper files, you can just go shred it because you have it all right there on your computer.”

Lynn Gabriel - Chief Operating Officer, Mainstream Fiber Networks

Mainstream Fiber networks

Gaining spend visibility by using Procurify instead of paper and Excel

Mainstream Fiber Networks could no longer rely on a paper and spreadsheet base purchasing system. Lynn and her team used Procurify to improve spend visibility and compliance across the organization by choosing a user friendly process that everyone in the company could buy into.


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