Procurement Software

Procurement software brings all your purchasing needs into one accessible hub. Say goodbye to maintaining multiple spreadsheets, paper forms, and slow approvals.

What is Procurement Software?

Procurement software provides an organization with a set of tools to support the acquisition of goods and services. Contemporary procurement software is digital and enables employees to virtually request a purchase from anywhere in the world.

Procurement often involves issuing purchase orders as a form of structure and control.  

Requisition and approval management

Purchase Order generation and searchable records

Three-way matching (PO, Invoice, Packing slip) for control and security

With a digital procurement solution, allow your employees to request a purchase from virtually anywhere. Whether they are working at a satellite office on their computer or in the field on their phones, employees will be able to quickly and accurately tell your central purchase controller what they need and when they need it. Set a budget planner within your dashboard to keep track of all your procurement processes throughout every department in your organization. Set a budget planner within your dashboard to keep track of all your procurement processes throughout every department in your organization. With an electronic purchase order, quickly and concisely communicate your desired purchases with the vendor without anything going missing.

Digital procurement software enables you to request and approve purchase orders, select and order the product or service, receive and match the invoice and order, and prepare the documentation required for verification of payment.

Prevent employees from ordering before the correct approvals are in place and buying from unlisted vendors. Procurement software can centralize information, which enables an organization to combine orders in order to drive down the cost associated with the purchase.

Procurement software is designed to 

  • Automate the purchasing process
  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive and match the order to the invoice
  • Support financial settlement for goods and services purchased and received
  • Standardize the overall process that an organization adheres to

The Benefits of Procurement Software

Transparency across your organization

Procurement software supports the documentation all transactions.This allows all details of how funds are being spent in respect to vendors, cost, quality; and the time it takes to complete the purchase,to be accessed in one source of truth.

Reduction of costs

View a detailed history of what has been purchased. Procurement can function to provide insight into which services are being regularly purchased, which suppliers are providing the best value, and areas of high cost purchases that potentially have more cost effective alternatives.

Improved operational efficiency

Procurement software enables a more automated process to reduce the overall hours spent in creating documentation surrounding purchases. This can minimize the likelihood of errors in manual data entry, and enables a company to invest hours saved into other strategic business priorities.

Standardized workflow

Create structured processes in order to set more control or flexibility in every transaction. This can be implemented from the requisition and carried all the way through to the consolidation of payment information into the accounting system.

Integration into the system of record

Procurement software integrates with accounting systems, providing a bridge to ensure all transaction information is entered correctly in your system of record. Advanced procurement systems offer different integration possibilities, allowing organizations to have more flexibility as to where information is pushed along the procurement process.

Digitized catalogues

Organizations have a lot of control and flexibility when it comes to what is accessible through their procurement software. Bundle common items together so everyone knows exactly what needs to be purchased for a common use-case. Restrict purchases to only trusted suppliers that have pre-negotiated agreements.

Procurify Makes Procurement Smart And Simple

Procurement System Control

Procurify ensures procurement processes have the proper controls in place by ensuring teams are using appropriate vendors and restricting purchasing orders that lack the appropriate approvals.

Procurement Process Compliance

Procurify's procurement software is SaaS (Software as a software) based which eases the administrative frustrations around order management and provides an easy to use procurement process that your team will actually adopt.

More Effective Spending

Procurement software dramatically reduces the time, effort, and frustration required to monitor organizational spending and provides more visibility into what happened and why, when it's time to do your spend analysis.

Centralized records

A cloud-based procurement solution allows you to drive compliance without slowing down your team's procurement process. Plus, you still get to pass the data onto your ERP for future spend analytics.