Kinetic Sports Rehab: How They Transformed Their Spend Culture

Kinetic Sports Rehab was founded in Seattle, fall of 2010. They found that the industry is focused on getting patients out of pain as fast as possible but lacked a holistic integrated hybrid care provider. Kinetic Sports Rehab wanted to change traditional chiropractic and manual therapy by providing a one-of-a-kind experience for their patients.

Kinetic Sports Rehab developed an idea of blending sports chiropractic therapy with corrective exercise. Through bridging the gap and emphasized on holistic health and wellness, their clients were empowered to move their bodies the way they’re supposed to. Clients can continue to live a life free of limitations which sparked their mantra of #changeyourstory.

If we have a great culture and operations, we are able to serve our patients in the best possible way. When we have the right systems in place, everything is being taken care of – and we can truly focus on the people.
– Sean Masters, co-founder of Kinetic Sports Rehab

Their Mission

Sean explains, “I see Kinetic being a global lifestyle, a way of approaching health and wellness through education, empowerment, community and pushing each other past perceived limits.”

“Our patients might have accepted they can’t do things anymore. Our goal is to restore function and strength to clients, allowing them to have physical capacity and emotional confidence.” 

The launch of the first Kinetic Sports Rehab was a big success, they decided to open another location. As Kinetic grew, tracking their inventory on an excel spreadsheet was no longer a scaleable option for their company. They needed to find the right tool to manage their inventory effectively and for scalability. It was time to put a procurement system in place that provided structure for their growing business.

How They Use Procurify

Provide Access to Remote Teams Through the Mobile App

The Kinetics Sports team fully utilizes the mobile app to help remote teams submit their requests and keep the information in one place. The team typically uploads a picture of their expense receipts and their request can be instantly processed from their phones.

We are all in different locations so it is important that we keep account of what is being spent in one place so we can hold our teams accountable.
Catherine Meehan, Billing Specialist

Monitor Spend With Department Reports

Through closely monitoring department monthly budgets, Kinetic Sports Rehab noticed that one clinic exceeded the preset budget nearly every month. This alerted them to check the details in the Orders by Department report for different purchased amounts. From there, they discovered that they were ordering the same product from different vendors with different pricing. In the end, they were able to choose a vendor with a better price and set them as a preferred vendor.

 We have definitely saved a lot of money by monitoring our vendor choices.
– McKenzie Brookings, Partnerships Manager

Manage Communication Effectively 

To prevent inboxes from exploding, the Kinetic Sports Rehab team centralized their purchasing communication within Procurify. By using the dashboard and comment sections, they were able to be notify the appropriate stakeholders, stay organized, and have all of their information in one place.

 We communicated a lot through email and my inbox gets full all the time so I’m always stressing, ‘Did I forget something?’. With Procurify, the dashboard is amazing and easy to use. More importantly, it is an organized way to display all the order information.
– Catherine Meehan, Billing Specialist