Procurify Expenses

Simple and Streamlined Expense Management Software

Procurify’s expense management software gives team members the confidence and support they need to submit and track their expenses while providing your finance team with visibility and context for reconciliation and audits.

Expenses from your desk or on the go

Whether for a client coffee, per diem expense, or a last-minute purchase for a tradeshow, Procurify’s expense management allows your team to easily snap a picture of their receipts and upload them to an expense report for reimbursement. Provide your finance team with all the documentation and context they need – without the frustration of sifting through emails or chasing down missing receipts and paper expense reimbursement forms.

Desktop and Mobile Requisitions

Simplify your employee expense processes

Procurify’s user-friendly expense workflows are hassle-free and encourage timely expense reimbursement processes.

Approval Routings

Prevent overspending by monitoring expenses

Easily track and approve incoming and pending expense requests against your organization’s budgets in real-time.

Spending Cards

Accelerate the reimbursement process

Bypass the reimbursement process entirely by providing physical and virtual spending cards to your entire team, removing the hassle of reimbursing personal spending for company purchases.

Audits and Reporting

Maintain compliance with accurate expense records

Ensure back office excellence by keeping accurate records of employee expenses for tax purposes, audits, and general financial management.

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