Procurify Spending Card Pre-Approved, Accessible Funds for Everyone

Empower your teams to spend smarter and purchase faster with reloadable physical and virtual Spending Cards from Procurify.

Empower teams while maintaining control

Traditional credit card spending and late employee expense reimbursements hit your budget after the purchase has been made, leading to administrative headaches. Help your team purchase exactly what they need when they need it with the ease of a company card — all while providing real-time budget visibility, simplified expense tracking, and pre-approved team spending.

  • Greater purchasing flexibility

    Team members can easily and efficiently pay for items whether it’s a meal on the road while traveling or new software to move a project forward. Have peace of mind knowing pre-approved spend controls are in place to prevent overspending.

  • Real-time spend visibility

    Track your team’s spending in real time and learn how spend will impact your budgets before it happens. Confidently approve cardholder funds and know who has access to what funds and why.

  • Easy expense reconciliation

    Stop wasting time reconciling credit card statements, reimbursing expenses, and chasing down paperwork. With Procurify Spending Cards, your team’s spend is pre-approved and records and receipts are easy to find.

Spending Card features

Assign your team physical or virtual Spending Cards to increase spend control, reduce reconciliation headaches, and save money – without slowing your team down. Procurify’s Spending Card is available for organizations with US entities. Team members can earn 1% cash back on every purchase they make with their Spending Card.

Frequently asked questions

How Spending Cards Helped a Thriving Theme Park Scale

Anakeesta Theme Park reached out to Procurify to help them streamline their spend management process. Today, Procurify Spending Cards help them enforce budget discipline and prevent reconciliation headaches.