Contract Management Software Take Control of Contract Spend

Manage all of your organization’s contracts in a complete procure-to-pay platform for full command and control over your contract spend. Avoid overpayments and penalties, gain visibility over current spend against total contract value, and never miss another cost-saving opportunity.

End-to-end visibility and control for all contract spend

Manual contract management is inefficient and error-prone, creating blindspots that can lead to missed deadlines, legal liabilities, and untapped savings opportunities with vendors. Procurify’s contract management capabilities are built into a complete procure-to-pay platform, seamlessly connecting contracts to all aspects of spend management. Integrated data and workflows help you accurately track contract spend, streamline invoice reconciliation, and get more value out of your contracts.

  • Real-time visibility into contract spend

    Control spending by easily tracking contract spend against total contract value, eliminating error-prone manual work

  • Never miss a cost-saving opportunity

    Timely notifications help you feel in control and get the most value from your contract terms

  • Stay compliant with accurate contract records

    Avoid overpayments and penalties and stay on top of changes with a reliable audit trail

Contract Management features

Create a single source of truth with a contract repository that swiftly locates any contract with ease. Facilitate version control, proactively stay ahead of contract reviews and renewals, and provide greater transparency over contract spend across your organization.

  • Contract Repository

    Store active and historical contracts by vendor in a centralized repository

  • Contract Notifications

    Set notifications for upcoming renewals, expired contracts and more so timely decisions can be made

  • Contract Details

    Capture contract details including important names, dates, amounts, payment terms, and more

  • Audit Log

    Keep a historical record of changes made to contracts in an audit log for audit purposes

  • Track Contract Spend

    Purchase orders are linked to contracts to track spend against total contract value and ensure effortless invoice reconciliation

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