Receiving Inventory

Receiving Inventory Made Simple

Receiving inventory has never been easier: stay on top of deliveries with mobile receiving, real-time notifications, and centralized documentation for streamlined three-way matching.

Real-time tracking at your desk or on the go

Disjointed receiving processes lead to lost time and errors, delayed payments, and project bottlenecks. Procurify centralizes purchase orders, invoices, and receiving documents in one user-friendly system to automate three-way matching, keep projects moving, and ensure accurate payments. See exactly who requested, approved, and received an order – all in real-time from your desktop or phone. Seamless ERP integration keeps your inventory data up-to-date.

  • Effortless three-way matching

    Quickly verify invoices with automatic document matching, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Streamlined order fulfilment tracking

    Gain real-time visibility into order status, eliminating follow-ups and ensuring project timelines.

  • Eliminate manual work, boost efficiency

    Automate tasks, capture receipts on mobile, and free up time for more strategic work.

Inventory receiving software features

Streamline the receiving process and easily verify the delivery of goods and services. Track receiving documents against your open purchase orders and gain visibility on the status of order fulfillment throughout your project’s procurement cycle.

Take control of spend now

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