Partner Kickoff 2024

LIVE EVENT: Wednesday May 29th 2024

The Partnerships team at Procurify has been hard at work revamping our Partner Program to provide you with an enhanced partner experience.

Join us on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 at 12 pm EST during our first annual PKO to learn what is new with our partner program, what’s on deck with our product roadmap and to ask any questions to our team.

Welcome to our Partner Kickoff 2024!

We are looking to elevate your partner journey with Procurify with easier processes, mutually beneficial outcomes, and a strong focus on achieving our shared goals.

In this event, we’ll be joined by Aman Mann, CEO of Procurify.

Alongside him, David Sevitt, VP of Ecosystems and Partnerships will share with you our new partner program features, our partnership strategy and ways in which we can collaborate more closely this year and beyond. Yishi Pan, Sr. Director of Product will share what’s coming with our product roadmap.

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Aman Mann,

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CEO Procurify

David Sevitt,

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VP of Ecosystems and Partnerships, Procurify

Yishi Pan,

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Sr. Director of Product, Procurify