Strategies for Cost Reduction and Value Creation in 2024


Learn how best-in-class procurement leaders are leveraging the right technology to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the effectiveness of their purchasing.

Is cutting costs key to your 2024 strategy?

According to Deloitte’s 2023 CPO Survey, only 69% of organizations hit their cost reduction targets in 2023, versus 84% in 2022. With calls to further reduce headcount and budgets in 2024, organizations must extract more value from every dollar they spend.

In this webinar, Amy Wang, CFO of Procurify, shed light on the heightened importance of procurement to help navigate external pressures like inflation, digital transformation, and rising costs. She shared how the right procurement strategy can help organizations extract more value from every dollar spent to maximize ROI and enhance operational efficiency.

Alongside her, Marie Yatco, VP of Customer Experience at Procurify and Nick Poisson, Manager of Solution Consulting, shared the most effective strategies that have delivered the highest return on investment for our customers, with real-world applications and succes stories.

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Amy Wang,

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Chief Financial Officer at Procurify

Amy Wang brings over a decade of experience as a financial leader in the Fintech and SaaS industry to her role as Chief Financial Officer at Procurify. Known for her proven track record in guiding organizations through scale-up phases, Amy has held key leadership positions at Morgan Stanley and Solium. Amy’s passion lies in fostering sustainable growth and profitability within the ever-evolving tech ecosystem.

Bill Kalogiros

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VP, Marketing at Procurify

As VP of Marketing, Bill provides CFOs and finance leaders with the best practices and tools they need to solve the most costly spend management problems. Prior to Procurify, Bill established himself as a seasoned marketing leader at high-growth B2B organizations such as Litmus, PlateSpin, VMware, and Codenvy.

Marie Yatco

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VP, Customer Experience at Procurify

At Procurify, Marie builds world-class Success teams focused on providing the best possible experience, from rapid setup and thoughtful adoption to continuous value delivery. For over 16 years, Marie has scaled Customer Success teams, built customer programs, reduced churn, and pioneered ROI with customers of all sizes across several industries.

Nick Poisson

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Manager, Solution Consulting at Procurify

Nick Poisson joined Procurify in 2016, and has helped hundreds of organizations thread the needle of financial visibility vs. happy team members. Before joining Procurify, he worked advising small businesses and nonprofits on their accounting. He’s excited to show you Procurify’s platform, discuss best practices, and answer your questions.