No Hidden Fees! No Contracts! We won't charge you or ask for your credit card number until you're happy! :)
No Hidden Fees! No Contracts! We won't charge you or ask for your credit card number until you're happy! :)

What We're All About

Procurify’s mission is to provide useful, well designed, simple business software that is accessible to everyone.

The Procurify Way

Business is personal. What you do is important. Life doesn't stop when work starts. Make what you do count. Your time is valuable. Focus on what matters most. Do things you’re passionate about. Help people. You can make money without doing evil. Recycle. Simple is better than complicated. Find tools that help you reach your potential. Let go of the tools that suck. Be passionate about what you do. Do great things. Get Inspired. Be Empowered. Help others striving to do the same. Don’t stress the small stuff. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Never stop learning. It’s not enough to be good, be great. You have to make mistakes and keep innovating.

Procurify stands by a set of core values

  • Dedication to Client Success
  • Constant Improvement - for the company and the Procurify family
  • A Commitment to Economic and Environmental Sustainability


Procurify strives to be more than great. We want to be an awesome place to work where people can strive to be their best. We will cultivate a powerful network of partners, clients and people to build a supportive value driven community. We will develop a sustainable company both economically and environmentally. We will stay young at heart to remain agile and fast moving. We will constantly innovate.

Why the Cloud?

The cloud allows flexibility and fast service straight to your screen. With features like up to the minute updates, "ZERO-IT" meaning no IT team needed for costly maintenance. PROCURIFY's no hardware or upfront software cost makes using it an affordable business solution. PROCURIFY uses the same security certification and encryption like your bank does, on all your accounts. We always transmit your information securely. We use Google App Engine with advanced security features that ensure data backup and privacy. Which means you can sleep well knowing your information is in good hands.