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Who we are

Procurify helps forward thinking organizations empower their teams for success by making business spending smart and simple

How we achieve this

Our work with organizations begins with helping them understand and align their organizational spending with their core values and business objectives.

How we unlock the potential of every individual is by providing our team with the freedom and empowerment to do work that is important to them.

Core Commitments


Obsessive dedication to the customer experience through quality features, user-experience and customer success.


Personal and professional growth across all aspects of our business.


Constantly challenge destructive and unsustainable business practices.

Everything we do at Procurify is driven by our four key values

Everything we do at Procurify is driven by our four key values


If you don’t know, you ask.


We ask the hard questions because those are what move us forward.


You actively think outside of what we know to come up with creative ideas.


You practice compassion in every single other behaviour you do, whether it’s with our customers, community or team.

Our Team

Procurify team photo at 7th anniversary

Our Investors

Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Jamie Sutherland

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Anand Babu Periasmy

Anand Babu Periasmy

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