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Empower your teams to spend smarter and purchase faster with reloadable physical and virtual spending cards from Procurify. Say goodbye to expense reimbursement forms, petty cash, and tedious reconciliation processes. Say hello to the Procurify Spending Card.

What are budget controls and why do you need them?

Budget controls are spending limits placed on the types of products purchased in your organization such as equipment or even advertising. Establishing budget controls will help your organization protect against maverick or off-contract spending, as well as provide data that managers in your firm can use to forecast future spending.

For example, a manager in your organization can set an equipment budget of $10,000 for the marketing department. This will ensure that marketing does not spend more than that amount on their equipment purchases (i.e. computers or cameras).

Budget controls will also improve communication across teams and employees because all parties have a firm understanding of their spending limits.

To further streamline departmental spending, Procurify’s Product Catalog feature ensures all equipment spending is done through pre-established vendors. For example, a manager will input a pre-established vendor for all computer purchases. So, the next time an employee needs a new computer they know exactly where to buy it from. That pre-established relationship, more often than not, includes preferred pricing. In addition to cost-saving benefits, however, the Product Catalog will increase efficiency in your company because employees will spend less time deciding where to purchase products from.

Lastly, the forecasting benefit of budget controls is worth another look. The ability to forecast spending for another year – or see what spending worked and what didn’t – is critical for a business. It will give you insight on what to expect in the future and whether or not you can expand or have to contract.

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Complete visibility and control over all business spend.

Procurify is more than just a card company. Tie every single cent you purchase on Procurify’s Spending Card back to its initial request and allocate it to the correct budget, all in real time. Procurify helps you tell the who, what, when, why, and how of every purchase you make.


Funds anywhere, any time.

Stop making business purchases on personal credit cards, resulting in long reimbursement times and headaches for your finance team. Instead, allocate Procurify Spending Cards to your teams so they can request the funds they need to move projects forward.


Real-time expense visibility.

Traditional credit card spending and late employee expense reimbursements hit your budget after the purchase has already happened. Stop waiting until statements comes in – Procurify Spending Cards show you how your spend will impact your budgets before it happens.

What can I use the Procurify Spending Card for?

Procurify’s Spending Card is available for organizations with U.S. entities. Speak to the team at Procurify to learn more.

Why use Procurify Spending Cards?

See how Spending Cards work with the Procurify platform to increase spend control, reduce reconciliation headaches, and save money without slowing down your team.

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