Webinar: Why Your Tech Stack Shouldn’t Inform Your Purchasing Strategy

We’re super excited to introduce the relaunch of our Spend Culture Stories podcast with new speakers and a completely new format.

The podcast features and highlights the opinions and personal stories of fearless finance, operations and procurement leaders who are driving transformational growth and challenging the status quo from the front lines.
Join us as we dive deep into understanding the people, processes, and tools that make up spending as a whole, or what we call Spend Culture.

IBM’s Head of Digital Procurement Shares Why Your Tech Stack Shouldn’t Inform Your Purchasing Strategy

Digital transformation officer. IBM Executive. Procurement strategist.

Han Casteels is the Head of Digital Procurement at IBM and has over 25 years of professional experience working within and with Fortune 150 or start-up companies, with a dedicated focus on developing strategy enabling technology solutions, supply chain and procurement transformation.

Opinionated, passionate and experienced, learn what Hans thinks of the future of procurement and why automation is a tool, not a goal.

Speakers: Hans Casteels

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Notable Quotes:

How can winning organizations use digital transformation to cultivate better Spend Cultures?

“These technologies aren’t an end in themselves, but important strategic tools for procurement organizations. Winning organizations will create sustainable advantage by harnessing technology to generate differentiated value with better processes that advance their company’s strategy.”

What do you think makes an organization forward thinking when it comes to technological processes? 

“It’s not the digital tools that create value, drive ethical behaviour or impact operations. It is indeed the people that perform these functions that, with the help of these tools, can generate these results. It’s one thing to have the tools, but do you have the people with the intelligence to make sense of all that data, draw the right conclusions and initiate the correct strategies which, in turn, (potentially) might result in value.”

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