Be who you aspire to be with Procurify

Join us as we make an impact on the future. We are building an environment that supports not only our company’s growth, but our team within it. You’ll work with people who are passionate, driven, and care about supporting others to reach their goals.

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Alone you can go fast, together you can go far.

We’re a remote-first startup with a big heart and a strong ambition to help businesses do great things, one spend culture at a time.

At Procurify, we’re continuously creating a place where every team member is championed to do their best work, chase their dreams, and put their wildest ideas to the test.

As we pursue our goal of empowering organizations to do more with their money, we’re looking for talented and team-driven individuals to join us on our journey to build a place where the best people want to work.

Let’s do something great together


Learn more about the interview process

We want to meet you with your best foot forward, so to help you better prepare we have outlined what to expect in the interview process, and some frequently asked questions.

Interview process and FAQs →
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Our mission is our motivation

We are on a mission to help those that are forward-thinking and advancing the world in a positive way. We do this by being in service to them through every action we take and products we build, empowering them to succeed in their mission. Every action is from a place of compassion and love.

Our core values

Procurify’s values are our North Star. They help us decide what is right and what is wrong in situations that may seem unclear. Putting our core values first helps us make important decisions that move us towards our purpose, together.

Procurify Creativity values badge


Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. At Procurify, we strongly encourage outside the box thinking to generate new and creative solutions and ways of doing things to help our customers and our team members.

Procurify Courage values badge


Courage is shown by someone who does something difficult, even though they may be afraid. At Procurify, we challenge what we know in order to grow and move forward, we ask questions about what we don’t know, and we step up when it’s needed, even when it’s challenging.

Procurify Curiosity values badge


Curiosity means being inquisitive, wondering, learning, and being ready to poke around and figure something out. We always ask “why” to get to the root of the problem and then proactively go find the answer.

Procurify Compassion values badge


Being compassionate is understanding someone else's situation and the desire to take action to improve their lives. At Procurify, we practice compassion every day — for our customers and our fellow team members.

How we show up for our team


As a remote-first organization, our team can work anywhere within Canada!

Four-day workweek

Burnout is real. To help you maintain the balance between work and life, all Procurify team members work four days a week.

Flexible work hours

We don’t have set hours, you have the flexibility to work on the schedule that works for you and your team.

Unlimited RTO

We know there’s more to life than just work, which is why we offer unlimited Responsible Time Off for all of our team members. We encourage our team to take breaks and unplug.

Health benefits

We prioritize our team’s health and wellbeing. We offer a competitive health, vision and dental package along with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We've recently added a Healthcare spending account, and paid wellness leaves to support all diverse needs for our team to be their best selves.

Stock options

Everyone has a chance to own a part of Procurify! Our competitive stock program is offered to our entire team.

Financial wellbeing

We provide Wealthsimple programs and access to financial advisors to support our team’s diverse life goals!

Training and development

Personal and technical growth are things that we value, so we provide access to Pluralsight, Masterclass, and progressive career matrices.

Tech setup

We make sure our team is equipped with the right tools and tech to set them up for success from day one.

Community initiatives

We have a strong commitment to give back to our communities, including regular volunteer days, our Donate Your Day program, and education lunch and learns.

DEI initiatives

We run a diversity, equity, and inclusion roundtable monthly where we host guest speakers and tackle the topics that matter.

Referral program

It’s all about who you know. Our grand prize for our Referral Bonus Program is a bucket list vacation for two!


Do your best work from wherever you are

As a remote-first company, we want to empower our team members with the flexibility to work wherever they choose. Although we put down our roots in Vancouver, Canada back in 2013, we have significantly expanded our team's footprint since becoming 100% remote.

Today, our team is made up of talented individuals spread across Canada, from Vancouver, Calgary, Kitchener, Ottawa, all the way to Montreal just to name a few.

Photos of team members talking and working on computers
Photos of team members out in the community volunteering, and bidding at charity auction.

We care about our community

From getting out and planting trees, serving hot meals, and cleaning up our beaches, and hosting charity auctions, Procurify is all about supporting our wider community.

Across the years, Procurify has worked with many different charities and advocated for a variety of causes close to our heart. Some of the things we have done in the past include Presents of Peace, charity auction events, charity trivia nights, and our Donate Your Day program.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Procurify

Everyone should feel safe at work, period. We are committed to building a safe and inclusive workplace, where every single team member feels welcome and empowered to bring their best, true self to work.

We understand that education has a big part to play in DEI, which is why we host regular DEI roundtables with guest speakers to help our team grow and support this mission.

Photo of a zoom meeting where team members attending a virtual DEI roundtable.
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The insiders scoop

Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a piece to play in building a nurturing, supportive, and welcoming environment.


MUM videos series with our team

Meet the team in our Meet Us Monday series where we talk with a Procurify team member and learn a bit about them and why they enjoy working at Procurify.


Dashed! The Procurify Culture Blog

Read Dashed!, Procurify’s culture blog, for an inside look at life at Procurify. Meet the team, check out some of our latest projects, learn about DEI projects and events, and more!

What our team is saying

“Every start-up will have its share of challenges to navigate through, but Procurify proves that it's a lot better to solve problems together with great colleagues who are even better people.”

Sarath Naduri,
Associate Product Manager
Team member headshot - Sarath Nanduri

“For me, two things that make working at Procurify sweet are: the no-bullshit attitude; and everyone's genuine commitment to improve themselves, their teams, and the product (and to have a good time doing it).”

Clara Tsang,
Frontend Engineer
Team member headshot - Clara Tsang

“From day one at Procurify, we’re encouraged to contribute from the unique perspectives we each bring to the table. Because of that, I’ve been able to grow and diversify my professional skills and learn from leaders who support my success.”

Arthur Chen,
Knowledge and Training Specialist
Team member headshot - Arthur Chen

“Joining the team at Procurify has probably been the best decision I've ever made. From true work/life balance to the incredibly friendly and collaborative team members, this is the place to be if you truly want to love where you work.”

Mark Trimble,
Business Development Representative
Team member headshot - Mark Trimble

“Procurify is an amazing place to work, I get to work on really cool projects and I have a reliable team to get help and support from! Procurify supported me as I transitioned from a Knowledge and Training Specialist, to a Product Manager and lifted me up as I thrived in my new role”

Amal Adam,
Associate Product Manager
Team member headshot - Amal Adam

“Like many things in life it's the people that can make or break an experience. Joyfully, the people at Procurify are smart, talented and compassionate. This is what makes the experience of working at Procurify so amazing!”

Tomas Williams,
Customer Experience Insights & Enablement Manager
Team member headshot - Tomas Williams

“You know how long I’ve been in the software industry? 35 years! And why am I still here at Procurify? Because I’m still learning. Every single day. So if old-timers like me can continue to grow here, anyone can grow at Procurify!”

Julian Hannabuss,
Director of Revenue Operations
Team member headshot - Julian Hannabuss

“Recruitment is my passion, but recruiting at Procurify has truly been a dream. I always leave interviews feeling inspired by candidates, and I hope they feel the same when I gleam about our company's culture and opportunities!”

Trisha Goco,
Talent Acquisition Specialist, GTM & Operations
Team member headshot - Trisha Goco

“From the start of the interview process, Procurify has made me feel valued and given me every opportunity to succeed. Within my first few weeks, I was supported and encouraged to make an impact, and helped bring a project live to our customer base. Being able to make an impact so quickly, and have the tools to do so, is just one of the reasons that I love working at Procurify.”

James Hubay,
Senior Product Designer
Team member headshot - James Hubay

“From the top down, I truly feel that this is a company filled with very smart, very caring, and incredibly hard-working people of whom I felt an immediate connection to. I can’t speak highly enough of each and every team and the great products that we bring to market to help companies track every dollar of spend (which, let’s be honest, every company needs)!”

Jonathan Riggs,
Customer Success Manager
Team member headshot - Jonathan Riggs

“Procurify is one of the only places I’ve worked, where I don’t feel the anxiety or dread in showing up as my authentic self. Where I am respected not only as a team member but as a human as well. I’m not made to feel guilty for taking sick days, mental health days, or vacations. Procurify shows up in supporting me to be my best self both at work and in my personal life.”

Meghan Fisher,
Technical Program Manager
Team member headshot - Meghan Fisher

What to expect from our interview process

Our interview process varies depending on the role you are applying for and the level of the role. Consider this a general outline for a typical interview process.

Icon of stacked documents and a magnifying glass
Application review
Icon of a phone
Phone interview with the talent team
Icon with two speech bubbles
Interview with the hiring manager
Icon of people and one with a speech bubble saying 'HI".
Panel interview and/or technical interview
Icon of a signed contract


You say a four-day work week, but what does that mean?

We operate on a 4-day work week, Monday to Thursday, working 8-hour days. Take Fridays off forever! There’s no expectation to work longer hours during the 4 days to compensate for having Fridays off. However, let’s say you want to catch up from vacation or you need to meet a project deadline, you are still more than welcome to work and we won’t stop you from working on Fridays if you need to!

Will I get notified if the role has been filled, or I didn’t make it through?

Yes! We make sure to communicate with our candidates throughout every step in the process (whether you interview or not) so you are aware of where we are at in our hiring cycle.

Will I have to go into the office?

We are a remote first organization - we do not require our team members to go to the office. However, if you are located in Vancouver, we have our office headquarters downtown which allows folks to go into the office if they choose.

Since you are remote, how often does the team meet?

We have team members all over Canada now! Twice a year, we bring all of Procurify together in Vancouver. This happens during our Procurify Summer Week, and for our Holiday Party during December. We encourage our teams to meet with each other as they wish if they happen to live close to each other as well.