Customer Story

This Charter Network Found an Affordable Solution to Reactive Budgets With Procurify

The Neighborhood Charter Network is a growing network of schools in Indianapolis, IN. For NCN, student potential is their passion. Since 2016, they have been servicing Indianapolis with two locations in two neighborhoods, and are looking to grow and expand in the years to come.

Indianapolis, IN

The challenges

Neighborhood Charter Network came to Procurify wanting better approvals, and better budgets. The need was clear: NCN was in search of something to plug into their existing accounting system, QuickBooks Online, that could do away with the paper trails and broken processes.

  • Manual processes: NCN was using spreadsheets to track spend, but quickly found that this was prone to human error. Stakeholders would forget to update a spreadsheet, and the organization would have to backtrack and pull records for reliable data.

  • Rogue spending: Without a reliable procurement process, NCN wasn’t sure what they were spending, and whether they had the budget for approvals.

  • Missing information: Finding a more organized spend hub wasn’t simply an efficiency play for NCN, it was also preparing themselves for the inevitability of audits. They were losing orders, and didn’t have a reliable trail of their spend.

The solution

Denise Castellanos, Neighborhood Charter Network’s Director of Operations, knew it was time to part with spreadsheets and make way for a more efficient, reliable procurement process. That’s when NCN found Procurify.

  • Streamlined approval processes, at work or on the go: Procurify’s mobile app allows Denise to approve on the go from anywhere, and her staff can submit a request by simply taking a picture of a receipt.

  • Real-time budget visibility: Leaders now have access to real-time budgets, and are always only a tap away from the visibility they need to approve requests.

  • Rapid onboarding, user-friendly experience: Procurify worked closely with NCN staff to ensure onboarding was thorough but efficienct. Castellanos shared: “Throughout onboarding I had a lot of things on my plate, but the professional services and customer experience teams were so flexible and kind.”


The Neighborhood Charter Network team had considered other procurement partners, but ultimately chose Procurify to partner with their team to make their lives easier. As Castellanos put it:

We were looking at a different solution, but after a few months of consideration and demos, I’m really glad we didn’t go with it. It just wasn’t user-friendly and there were so many complications. I didn’t want to implement something that people were going to hate.

Learn more about why your team will love Procurify:

  • Provide your entire organization with real-time spend visibility to make budget-informed decisions.

  • Break down operational silos and unlock better data for decision-making – to help you promote responsible spend, speed up purchase cycle times, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

  • Procurify’s mobile app for iOS and Android gives you complete visibility and control over your end-to-end procurement process — all from your phone.