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How Proudfoot Accelerated Digital Procurement Transformation to Save 70% on Costs

Proudfoot integrates new approaches and unique know-how in digital and operations transformation to provide innovative insights, proven solutions, and lasting positive change for their global client base.

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Global | Headquarters: London, UK

The challenges

With a legacy of almost 80 years, one of Proudfoot’s major initiatives in the past decade has been to move processes and systems from on-premise to the cloud to better support a global user base. When Proudfoot’s Chief Information Officer Mike Shuber set out to optimize their procurement processes, he wanted a partner who would help them unlock cost savings and efficiency improvements.

  • Manual, error-prone processes: Before Procurify, requests and approvals were routed through email to managers and then logged on spreadsheets. Different currencies were difficult to manage, and POs were created manually, leaving much room for human error.

  • Lack of spend visibility: With requests and approvals going through emails and being tracked on a few spreadsheets, there wasn’t much visibility throughout the purchasing process.

  • Sunken time and costs: The amount of manual effort and the cost from a human resourcing perspective to support a largely manual procurement process was also starting to add up.

The solution

After evaluating different procurement vendors, Mike and Proudfoot’s CFO decided that Procurify was the right solution.

  • Improved visibility throughout the procurement process: Requesters, approvers, and administrators now have access to real-time data on all relevant orders throughout Proudfoot’s global operations.

  • Data-informed decisions: Collecting data allows Proudfoot’s team to draw insights to make better decisions. When approvers are able to see how a request will impact the budget before any money is committed, managers are able to make more informed decisions without slowing down the team.

  • Qualified vendor selection and compliance: Proudfoot can now manage vendors across 13 regions with tighter controls — immediately after adopting Procurify, unapproved vendors dropped by 40%. Additionally, working with approved vendors means they can now unlock discounts by consolidating their volume of purchases.


Proudfoot has always followed the philosophy of empowering people within organizations. When organizations leverage technology to remove manual, error-prone work, it gives people more time to focus on the creative work that fuels business growth.

Learn how Procurify can help your organization.

  • Gain better visibility and control with real-time spend insights.

  • Understand your budget from different perspectives and empower managers to understand the “why” behind every request.

  • Leverage data to negotiate with preferred vendors and unlock savings.