How This World-Class Leisure Centre Reduced Purchase Requests from 10 Days to An Hour

About Sahara Kuwait

Located in Kuwait, Sahara Kuwait is a world-class leisure center and golf resort offering excellent service and superior facilities, making for an unforgettable stay.

The hotel features 21 beautifully appointed guest rooms and state-of-the-art facilities including hot tub, fitness center, sauna, golf course (on site), and indoor pool.

When it came to their purchasing, Sahara Kuwait had one goal: To purchase essentials as quickly as possible. Discover how Procurify helped speed up requisitions below.

Douglas Pereira

IT Manager

Douglas Pereira is the IT Manager at Sahara Kuwait and AJRE. Since 2006, Douglas has been responsible for implementing and managing the purchasing and procurement processes for the organization’s 120 employees, ensuring a seamless employee experience for the team.

Douglas Pereira

IT Manager

Finding a sustainable way to manage hypergrowth

When Al Jazeera Real Estate Development decided to build a world-class leisure center minutes away from Kuwait City, their vision included becoming the country’s only full grass 18 hole championship golf club with a neighboring restaurant village. 

Now, their Sahara Kuwait Golf Resort and the Murouj Restaurant Village have both become award-winning organizations. Being one of the Kuwait’s main leisure centers and with operations growing, effective procurement processes were a must and Sahara Kuwait was struggling to keep up. 

Douglas Pereira is the IT Manager of Sahara Kuwait and AJRE. With the company’s team of 120 employees, Douglas recognized the need to make procurement more manageable. Initially Douglas tried implementing Zoho, but found that the company needed something that went a step beyond simply requesting approval for purchases. He wanted software that would provide them with budgets for each department – This was when Douglas discovered Procurify.

Procurify Made Budgeting Simple

When Douglas Pereira chose Procurify, he was looking for software that would make budgeting easier on his company while shortening the time-frame of the approval process. Procurify helped him by making it possible to implement budgets. Through Procurify’s software, Sahara Kuwait and Murouj staff were able to include all their budgets into the system. Douglas made the software meet the company’s needs by only allowing requests to be processed if there was budget available for the purchase. Ultimately, Procurify cut down on unnecessary spending and requests that would be rejected. 

Huge Cuts in Approval TIme

Douglas cites Procurify as being a huge asset in cutting back on approval time. All of the paperwork, specifically getting quotes, preparing the purchasing requests, getting the approvals was the most cumbersome part. A requester had to go around to the department head, then the finance manager, then the general manager to get to the final levels of approvals. There are usually over four steps of approvals, but the process drags on even longer when one person is not present. Now - a request that took a week to ten days is complete in a couple of hours. When you save time, time is money!

Douglas explains that Procurify was a simple choice, thanks to its ease of use and simple navigation. With Procurify, the business did not need to waste valuable time training employees. 

“We are aware of how much work our staff have to do. For Department heads, making a requester have a more difficult process and waste their time is something they keep in mind. A staff member can now paste a link of an item they want and it’s in the system."

“Procurify helped us establish processes so our staff could understand the value right away. If you need something you have to do it this way and ask for it in Procurify. After a few minutes, most users were ready to go.”

In addition, the convenience of the Procurify mobile app allows for easy adoption and onboarding.

The request process used to take anywhere between a week to 10 days. Now it takes a couple of hours. When you save time, time is money!
Douglas Pereira

Douglas Pereira

IT Manager

Easily Managing Multiple Locations

Running the golf course and the leisure center has its challenges.Douglas explains that Procurify makes it simple for the management team to see all of the company’s budgets from one place. Once the system and approval workflows were set up, the general manager and finance manager didn’t have to worry anymore about approvals or budgets.

They see all of the information before they approve, and they know the proper channels and process have been used. The fact management can approve on their phones outside of the office is important and adds convenience to the entire process.

There isn’t a product like Procurify on the market right now. A lot of softwares are playing catch up to what you guys are doing already. I haven’t seen a system that can do what you do.
Douglas Pereira

Douglas Pereira

IT Manager

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Sahara Kuwait is a world class leisure center minutes away from Kuwait City that includes the award winning Saraha Kuwait Golf Resort and the Murouj Restaurant Village.




Kuwait City, Kuwait






  • Organizational Growth
  • Long Approval Times
  • Rogue Spending


  • Increased Approval Time
  • Multi-Location Approvals
  • Budget Visibility
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