Customer Story

Accelerating Purchase Requisition Time from 10 Days to an Hour

Sahara Kuwait is a world-class leisure center minutes away from Kuwait City that includes an award-winning golf resort and the Murouj Restaurant Village. To purchase essentials as quickly as possible for their state-of-the-art facilities, they partnered with Procurify.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

The challenges

As one of Kuwait’s main leisure centers, Sahara Kuwait needed a sustainable way to manage hypergrowth. They were looking for a solution that could provide better spend visibility and control across multiple locations and departments, while mitigating long approval times and rogue spending.

  • Managing organizational growth: Their needs were outgrowing rudimentary procurement software; they needed a solution with department-specific budgets and flexible workflows to help standardize their processes.

  • Long approval times: Error-prone manual paperwork (getting quotes, preparing purchase requests) and disjointed multi-level approvals were resulting in a suboptimal requisition process that could take anywhere from a week to 10 days.

  • Rogue spending: With no visibility into organization-wide spend or budgets, certain requests were being processed even if budget was unavailable. Managers lacked the context they needed to make budget-informed decisions.

The solution

Sahara Kuwait partnered with Procurify to optimize their requisition process, drastically speeding up approval times and providing better spend visibility and control.

  • Huge cuts in approval times: Standardized processes helped speed up purchasing cycle times, even for multi-location approvals; a request that took a week to 10 days can now be completed in mere hours.

  • Real-time budget visibility: Management can now see the company’s budgets from one place, providing them with the centralized context they need to approve requests — eliminating rogue spending and ensuring more responsible spend decisions.

  • Operational efficiencies: Predictable workflows helped enforce responsible spend across the entire organization. Intuitive onboarding and an easy-to-use interface (desktop and mobile) help free up valuable time for employees to focus on what matters.


Today, Procurify provides Sahara Kuwait with better budget visibility and control for all stakeholders across locations and departments, empowering them to make budget-informed decisions. Learn how Procurify can help your organization:

  • Speed up purchasing cycle times with centralized documentation and communication around every purchase decision

  • Enforce responsible spend with structured approvals and predictable workflows

  • Make budget-informed decisions with real-time spend insights