Get your ordering process down to a science

Take control of ordering for your lab and empower your team to focus on the work that matters

Biotech procurement software

Lab operations are often time sensitive, and we help support your lab management process for inventory, ensuring your team gets the materials they need to perform at their most efficient level

How Procurify Benefits Labs

Source materials on time

Make every second count, get your materials and resources in a timely manner

Often in biotech success or failure results from getting the equipment or materials you need at the right time.

Transaction tracking

Complete tracking and transaction history of all your purchases

Who initially made a request, who approved it and who ultimately purchased it, every step and change in the purchasing process is recorded.

Spend analysis

Instant spend analysis and insights into how funding and budgets are being allocated

Track all spending to departments, vendors, project codes and grants.

User friendly platform

Moving your purchasing process to a user-friendly platform

Moving your purchasing process to a user-friendly platform


"Procurify does everything. I love the import/export feature. I love that we can finally see purchases by moving from a manual, paper-based process to more of a web-based, automated system that allows for us to extract data, input data, and see purchases at a detailed level so that we can negotiate whatever our major purchases are. I like the simplicity of the workflow"

Kathie Huynh, Controller, Metacrine

Quickbooks Integration

Procurify's cloud based purchase order management software helps bring real-time transparency and accountability to your approval process before the spending shows up in your Quickbooks Online accounting system.

Enable your team to get spending approved before they create purchase orders so that your business has real-time visibility into company spending before anything is spent. Stop wasting time looking for purchase orders or matching invoices and packing slips; with Procurify and Quickbooks there is no need to wonder whether a purchase order went through a proper approval process.

Learn about our Quickbooks Integration
Quickbooks integration

Vendor performance

Reduce costs, mitigate risks and drive continuous improvement with your vendors. This add-on feature to Procurify provides insights on how your vendors are performing, helping you negotiate better rates with your suppliers. See which vendor gives the most return on their investment based on key performance measures like delivery speed, quality, accuracy, cost and services.


“Procurify has been a great fit. We started seeing the benefits of Procurify right after we were done with implementation. The staff was able to jump on it right away and start using the system. The fact that all the data and documents are available in one place has been very helpful.”

Kathie Huynh, Controller, Metacrine

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