Spend management for manufacturing procurement teams

Leading manufacturing organizations choose Procurify to help manage and improve their spending. Discover our intuitive procurement solution for the manufacturing sector.


Intuitive Interface

Intuitive interface

Get your entire organization up and running in no time and say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes.

Customizable workflows

Customizable workflows

Define purchasing workflows tailored to your specific needs. Set approvals by dollar thresholds, users, departments, or locations.

Detailed logs

Detailed Logs

See a full history of all the edits made to a request including who made them and when. Be prepared for an audit anytime.

Real-time updates

Real-time updates

Get notified as soon as a request is made and see how it will affect your team’s budget. Use our mobile apps to approve it from anywhere.

"Procurify gave us a new level of control. With Procurify we have an electronic trail of everything from the minute a request is entered, to when it is approved, to how long it took to purchase."

Asco Aerospace

David Osterhout, Project Buyer at Asco Aerospace

How ASICS is Staying a Step Ahead with Procurify’s Purchasing System

Find out how Procurify helped ASICS move away from cumbersome spreadsheets to implement stronger financial controls and improve their cash flow planning processes.


Asco Aerospace

"Before Procurify, we had a very ad-hoc system. It wasn’t really organized. We were using our ERP system to try to track down orders, and it was hard to track down who was requesting and who would approve any of the orders."


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Procurify’s procurement solution for manufacturing teams has helped many organizations to improve their spend management. Let us explain how we’ve helped companies in numerous industries, what led us to build a solution in the first place, and a few things you should consider when you’re starting to look for a better way to manage your Spend Culture.


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