With Procurify's integration with QuickBooks Online you can create purchase orders and make real-time decisions for a more efficient approval process.


Procurify's cloud based purchase order management software helps bring real-time transparency and accountability to your approval process before the spending shows up in your QuickBooks accounting system.

Enable your team to get spending approved before they create purchase orders so that your business has real-time visibility into company spending before anything is spent. Stop wasting time looking for purchase orders or matching invoices and packing slips; with Procurify and QuickBooks there is no need to wonder whether a purchase order went through a proper approval process.

Integration via QuickBooks Web Connector:

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
QuickBooks Premier (2002 or later)
QuickBooks Pro (2002 or later)
QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 or later)
QuickBooks Point of Sale (v.4.0 or later)
Canadian editions of QuickBooks (2003 or later)
UK editions of QuickBooks (2003 or later)

Data sync via CSV transfer:

QuickBooks Online

Why use Procurify with QuickBooks Online

Convenient and manageable approval process to ensure cost controls are in place for your purchasing process.

Purchase Order Management: Request, approve and create purchase orders anywhere you have Internet

Invoice processing: Automate the three way match process for purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices

Approval Workflow: Implement a real-time cloud approval workflow that is customizable to fit your organization

Purchase Order Creation and QuickBooks Online

Anyone on the team can create Purchase Orders without having to access the accounting system.

Procurify drives cost control accountability by pushing requests for expense or order requests through to customizable approval workflows.

After a request has been approved, a Purchase Order can be made directly on Procurify without access to QuickBooks Online.

Purchase Orders and bills are created and stored in Procurify with the data being passed to QuickBooks

Procurify is the spend management platform that makes purchase order processing more manageable, convenient and accessible.

Find out you can control, track and report your company’s spend on Procurify.


Simplicity, greater UX with indirect purchasing

Enhanced usability for interfacing

Next gen ERP to provide ERP data with insights and trends

Removing friction with data entry

Seamless integration with system

Order info to receipts

Ensure consistency with accurate data entry across your organization

Reducing additional double work/entries

Integrated workflow to improve your office processes

Complementary systems working together

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