Sage + Procurify for Integrated Procurement and Financial Management

Sage for Accounting & Procurify for Procure to Pay

Procurify: Shift to proactive procurement management

Procurify is a cloud-based procurement management platform designed to simplify and automate the entire procure-to-pay process. From requisition to payment, Procurify provides real-time spend visibility, streamlined approval workflows, and enhanced compliance.

Key benefits of procurify:

Why integrate Procurify with Sage?

Unifying Procurify’s proactive procurement capabilities with Sage’s financial management solutions offers numerous advantages:

  • Unified spend visibility: Integrate Procurify’s real-time procurement data with Sage’s financial reports to be able to report on purchasing activity before your company even receives an invoice.

  • Streamlined procure-to-pay process: Automate and synchronize procurement and payment processes. Keep your preferred Sage account codes, vendors, and reporting preferences and automatically synch them to Procurify.

  • Enhanced financial control: Procurify makes sure that requests are proactively coded to their respective account codes, approvals are routed to the correct approvers and departments, and invoices can be matched to purchase orders.

  • Improved compliance: Procurify creates an audit-friendly searchable history of all purchasing activities so you can always provide the context around payments.

  • User-friendly experience: Drive procurement compliance with Procurify, while capturing the data you need into Sage with a seamless and intuitive user experience across both platforms, enhancing adoption and productivity.


Sage without Procurify

Sage with Procurify

ProcurementWorkflow Automation

Manually entering purchase orders and approvals in spreadsheets.

Purchase order management, automated two-way and three-way matching, and guided procurement workflows.

Spend Visibility

Reviewing spend only during monthly financial reconciliations or after invoices arrive.

Real-time dashboards showing current purchasing against budgets: visibility into requested, committed, and actual purchasing.

Error Rates

Frequent errors in data entry due to manual inputting of invoice details

With Procurify, customers leverage OCR technology to capture invoice data automatically, requests are linked to account codes, and finance can edit bill discrepancies after invoice and purchase order matching.


No standard purchasing process. Missing approvals, rouge spending and non-compliant purchases.

Automated approval workflows ensure all purchases are compliant. Procurify records every step of the purchasing process, providing an audit-ready, searchable history of procurement.

Vendor Management

Maintaining vendor information in multiple disconnected spreadsheets.

Centralized vendor database with transparent purchasing history, customizable catalog, and ability to integrate with vendor punchouts.

Approval Processes

Delays in approval due to manual routing of documents for signatures or lost/forgotten requisitions.

Digital approvals are automatically routed to the correct stakeholders. Customizable approval routing, budget thresholds, and approver-enabled requisition edits. In-app messaging keeps communication centralized and top of mind throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Cost Control

Budgets exceeded due to lack of timely spending oversight.

Requests are tied to account codes so approvers have budget visibility to control spending proactively.

User Experience

No more approval backlogs, ad hoc purchasing processes, or managing procurement on spreadsheets or paper.

Intuitive, user-friendly interface that reduces training time and increases adoption.

Procurify has the #1 rated procure-to-pay software for usability and has the best in-market mobile app experience on Android and iOS.


Financial data entered separately into Sage as procurement is completed in a spreadsheet.

Seamless data flow from procurement to Sage, ensuring financial data is always up-to-date.

How Procurify’s Sage integration works

What is a PunchOut?

With Procurify PunchOuts, you can browse and place orders through a supplier’s website or custom PunchOut catalog. Purchasing agents can shop on catalogs right from a Sage-integrated procurement solution like Procurify.

  • Make purchasing simple

    This integration streamlines the procurement process and ensures all parties are aligned on purchasing terms.

  • Increase order accuracy with automation

    Procurify customers have access to the most current pricing and product information from the vendor’s e-commerce site through PunchOut, including approved products and negotiated prices.

  • Satisfy sourcing requirements

    See all your options at once in Procurify. Browse millions of items and easily compare prices across thousands of suppliers.

Most User-friendly Procure to Pay Mobile App

Procurify has the best Procure to Pay mobile app in the industry.

Create requisitions, manage expenses, approve orders, manage receiving and enable spending cards from anywhere.

Is there overlap between Procurify and Sage?

While Sage offers some spend management capabilities, it’s important to recall the primary focus of each solution.

Achieve proactive procurement with Procurify and Sage

By integrating Procurify with Sage, businesses can move from reactive to proactive procurement, gaining real-time spend visibility, streamlined workflows, and enhanced financial control. This powerful combination helps organizations manage spend, mitigate risk, and drive operational efficiency.

Ready to transform your procure-to-pay process?

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