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We can help you pick a plan that’s right for your team’s spend culture.



+ $9/month per user
(Up to 15 Users)

charged annually in USD 

  • Includes our Standard Features, plus:

  • Easy request & approve

  • Paperless procurement

  • On the go receiving

  • Travel approval & expense tracking



+ $9/month per user
(Up to 25 Users)

charged annually in USD

  • Includes everything in Hubble, plus:

  • Dedicated customer success manager

  • Accounts payable, full 3 way matching

  • Custom CSV exporter (advanced reporting)

  • Standard integrations

  • Google auth

  • Priority support

  • Unlimited locations



+ $9/month per user
(Up to 50 Users)

charged annually in USD

  • Includes everything in Pioneer, plus:

  • Guaranteed SLA

  • Multi domain setup & support

  • Netsuite integration

  • Other select integrations

  • Multi stage implementation & support


Talk to us today!

(50+ Users)

  • We would be happy to build a plan that fits your team, give us a call so we can understand your needs better!


Talk to us today!

We would be happy to build a plan that fits your team, give us a call so we can understand your needs better!

All Procurify plans come included with our Standard Features

Access to the Procurify Spend Management Platform

Unlimited financial data storage & access to to data

Live, web-based user training during initial setup and ongoing as required

Phone, live chat & online support with access to knowledge base

Unlimited transactions

Real Time Budget Tracking

Procurify platform maintenance

Access to new features and future updates

iOS & Android Mobile app

“Prior to bringing on Procurify, our purchasing was a primarily manual process. It wasn’t very streamlined – it was very easy for a quote to get lost in the shuffle. We weren’t in the Stone Age, but we certainly weren’t using the technology available to us.”

Brian Kates
Director of Finance and Operations at Intrinsic Schools

“Procurify really takes purchasing from being a specialized back-office process to being something that is accessible to all of our employees and makes it possible for all of them to participate in the purchasing process.”

Kevin Broughton
Director of IT and Development at Sterling Bank Services

“The usability and the accessibility of the software is the number one reason we chose Procurify. The user interface and the simplicity of the software coupled with the ability to provide all of the core purchasing functions that we need was a huge benefit.”

David Osterhout
Project Buyer at ASCO Aerospace industries USA

“The big thing for us was also that the purchasing system we chose allowed us to purchase and approve quickly. A lot of times we can turn a PO in a day or less with Procurify, which in previous places I’ve been is unheard of.”

Mike Freese
Director of Finance at HTH Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers you're looking for


Is there a free trial of Procurify?

Yup! You can certainly request a 5-day test drive here. To get the free trial however- we prefer showing you a demo of the software beforehand via a booked product demo.

Can I add users at any time?

Yes, you can add users at anytime. We wouldn’t tell you how to run your business, so we want you to structure your account as you need.

How does implementation work?

Sure, you could figure out how to import all of your data and setup Procurify all by yourself - but Procurify is so much more than just a tool. We make it our mission to help you throughout the entire implementation process from advising you on best practices, to customizing your account, to training your team on how to best use the product! Don’t worry, we got you.

How long will implementation take?

Everyone wants to know how long it takes to get Procurify up and running for their organization. Our recommended timeline is 3 weeks to set-up your account, 2 weeks to test and touch up, and 1 week of user training. However the timeline is flexible based on your needs and we've even implemented Procurify in a week.

What is a dedicated Customer Success Manager?

A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) is our commitment to you that we will always have someone you can relay with regarding Procurify. Our CSMs will work with you on workflow consulting, product feedback, product feature training, and product onboarding.

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How is Procurify priced?

Procurify is priced on a per-user, per-month model, billed annually. We have different types of users to fit different roles and functions within your organization. There are also volume discounts to create a pricing plan to fit every need. One of our team members would be happy to find out which plan works best for you!

What are my payment options?

By default Procurify is billed annually - unless negotiated otherwise. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. When it comes to payment, clients are always invoiced.

Are there implementation service fees?

Yes. All Procurify customers are required to purchase an implementation package to help your organization onboard and successfully launch Procurify as quick as possible. We want you to get the most value out of Procurify, and to do that we go beyond simple implementation and work with your teams to optimize your spend culture.

I'm a non-profit. Can you help me out a little bit?!

Absolutely! Non-profits can receive preferred rates on all annual plans. Just tell us about your organization and we'll work it out with you. If you are an Enterprise non-profit, please Contact Us for further details.

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Security & Privacy

If I stop using Procurify, what happens to my data?

We’re confident we’ll keep you happy but if you decide to end the relationship you can export all of your data easily. What you do with your data after you break up with us is none of our business, but we hope you practice safe storage.

Is my data safe?

Procurify is supported by Amazon Web Services. Your data is fully protected with bank level security and we backup all data every 24 hours. You can even use us to store your personal photos.

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Give us a shout and we can answer your questions.

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