Complete your financial toolkit with Procurify

Procurify connects to and enhances your existing accounting systems. Gain proactive control with customizable approvals with Procurify. Then, consolidate all your purchasing workflows to roll up to your core accounting system.

Graphic of stacked blocks that display Procurify integrations such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Amazon PunchOut, Staples PunchOut and Slack.
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Procurify PunchOuts

Streamline your purchasing processes directly in Procurify by using our direct supplier PunchOuts, giving our customers access to connect directly with our growing list of suppliers. It's time to eliminate your manual processes that slow down your team and can lead to incorrect data entry, and accelerate your requesting workflows with Procurify PunchOuts.


Procurify’s integrations & connections

Make your daily workflows easier with Procurify's direct integration with accounting systems like QuickBooks Online and NetSuite. Procurify also allows you to connect with a wide range of solutions with our API access, and keep your team informed using our Slack integration for real-time notifications.


Procurify gives you the full context behind every invoice, allowing you to make payments confidently in QuickBooks online.

  • Gain controls for purchasing before the cash is committed
  • Verify if invoices are ‘ok to pay’ with reliable context
  • Follow best practices with Procurify’s true three-way match
  • Save hours of data entry, speed up month-end, and avoid late payments
Oracle NetSuite Integration


Gain easy purchasing workflows and fast mobile approvals for NetSuite. Procurify provides user-friendly requisition, intuitive and simple purchasing workflows, and approvals on-the-go with our mobile app.

  • Procurify’s purchasing module is simple yet powerful
  • Integrate Purchase Orders directly to NetSuite and improve accounting accuracy
  • Allow purchasing requisition access in Procurify for the entire team
  • Speed up end-to-end approval times with our mobile app
Slack Integration


Procurify’s Slack integration keeps the team informed and moving quickly. View notifications on Slack’s desktop or mobile app about Procurify actions that require your input. Keep things moving forward no matter where you are.

  • Our mobile app and notifications are the key to speedy approvals
  • Never miss questions or comments on items that need your attention
  • Stay in Slack for your business communications to keep all your work in one place

API Connection

With our API access, Procurify can easily facilitate connections to a wide range of accounting and ERP systems. Speak to one of our product specialists today to find out how Procurify can connect to your financial systems.

  • Connection options include direct API calls, CSV files, and recommended middleware solutions
  • Discuss the options to connect your system and Procurify’s spend management platform
Graphic of desktop computer with blocks coming out of the screen that display Procurify integrations such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Amazon PunchOut, Staples PunchOut and Slack.

Ready to complete your financial tech stack?

Gain proactive spend controls and financial insight. Enhance your current accounting systems and purchasing processes. Request a demo and one of our product specialists will be in touch to show you how Procurify can work with your systems.