Accounts payable made ridiculously dependable.


How Pay Works

Easily split the cost of shared services to adjust your earlier entries.

Procurify lets you conveniently split purchases between different departments or locations so you can adjust entries before the end of your accounting period.

Make payments with confidence.

Procurify lets you compare an items invoice to its corresponding purchase order and packing slip. This way, you can find out if you have been invoiced for something you didn’t order or haven’t received.

Never get lost in your paper trail ever again.

Get more visibility into company spending. Procurify stores all your documents together so that you can easily find out who requested a purchase, who approved it, who paid for it and all the details in between.

Never let a payment blindside you.

Avoid last minute rushes. Procurify notifies you whenever a bill is nearing its payment date so you can do your due diligence.

Stretch your cash flow by setting up a payment structure

With Procurify, you don’t need to pay for the whole order at once. You can easily sort your outstanding debts, and make partial payments over certain periods to take advantage of your payment terms (30, 60, 90 days, etc.).

Ensure everything is in order before money leaves the bank.

Procurify allows you to create a chain of payment approvers adding another layer of protection to reduce any possibility of fraud or incorrect payments.

Easily reimburse your employees.

By having employees submit their expense reports through Procurify, it makes it easier to organize and pay back out-of-pocket expenses.

Reconcile credit card statements.

Procurify lets you quickly match your team’s expenses and purchases to the company’s credit card statement by displaying them side-by-side. Spot inconsistencies with minimum time and effort.

“There was no way to tell when things actually showed up. That caused two problems for us – it was hard to keep track of when things arrived and to pay invoices.”

David Osterhout, Project Buyer at ASCO Industries USA

Cut a check in seconds

Once you’re ready to pay, you can generate a check with the click of a button. All you have to do is print and send them to your vendors.

Accounts Payable Features

  • Three-Way Match

    Match an item’s invoice to its purchase order and packing slip so you’re sure that you have been billed correctly.

  • Approval Routing

    Set a sequence of approvers across your finance and accounts payable teams so that every purchase has been thoroughly vetted before money leaves the bank.

  • Split Payments

    Let departments and locations split costs for services they share. Divide the bill before the end of the accounting cycle instead of adjusting entries after it.

  • Spend Tracker

    Get a highly visual representation of your company’s spending and expenses. Examine departmental, employee and vendor spending and expenses using this feature.

  • Invoice Management

    Never lose an invoice again. Procurify stores all your invoices in one central location so you can retrieve them at any time.

  • Credit Card Reconciliation

    Reconcile your credit card statements with company purchases and employee expenses in the easiest way possible.

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