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How Purchase Works

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Support your Spend Culture and  eliminate paperwork with Procurify’s online purchase order software.

How Purchase Works

An online purchase order management software solution that enables you to create and send purchase orders to your vendors in seconds.

Cut down the time it takes to make purchase orders. Procurify’s purchase order management system automatically fills in relevant details so you can email the purchase order to your vendor immediately.Cut down the time it takes to make purchase orders.

Create and send purchase orders to vendors
Track spending and search past purchase orders

Track your spending and search through past purchase orders in seconds.

Procurify stores and sorts all your purchase orders in a centralized location so you can easily see your purchasing history.

“Our purchasers are also especially satisfied with the fact that they are no longer getting 500 phone calls a day for requisitions – they can easily handle the same number of requests in about 15 minutes, whether they’re at the office, cabin, or at home, using their mobile, iPad or whatever is most convenient.”

Shahbaz Saadat, Assistant Controller of finance and Manager of purchasing process, TJ’s Oilfield Contracting Ltd.

Spending Reports

Understand your spending: who is spending, why it was spent, where is the money going.

Get a breakdown of company spending by your users, approvers, departments and even your vendors. Gather the data and set policies to promote a better spend culture or correct unwarranted spending.

Save your team time and your company money.

Set up catalogs of pre-approved or frequently ordered products for your team so you can negotiate preferred rates.

Catalogs of pre-approved purchases
Consolidate purchases in a single purchase order

Organize your company’s purchasing — consolidate purchases.

Buying multiple goods from the same vendor? Procurify’s purchase order software lets you put all the items into a single purchase order to save on shipping costs, make it easier for your vendors, and minimize paperwork.

Purchase Features

  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

    Store all your vendors’ information such as point of contact, address, payment terms in one place.

  • Custom Purchase Orders

    Custom Purchase Orders

    Create custom purchase orders to add legal disclaimers, terms and conditions, or any other information you wish to add.

  • Receipt Management

    Procurify stores all your purchase orders in one place so you can easily retrieve them at any time.

  • Purchase Order Management

    PO Management

    Use Procurify’s super easy purchase order generation tool to create and email purchase orders to vendors and suppliers.

  • Catalog Management

    Catalog Management

    Import a list of products sold by your preferred vendors. You can also add line items to the catalog.

  • Purchase Approval History

    Approval History

    Get the list of approvers for every purchase and the order in which they approved the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is purchase order software?

Purchase order software, or PO systems, are software solutions that manage the purchase order process, end to end. High-quality purchase order management software efficiently generates purchase orders while securely tracking and managing all associated paperwork.

What are the key benefits of using purchase order software?

Purchase order management software eliminates paperwork, cuts down the amount of time it takes to make a purchase order, enables you to track spending quickly and efficiently, and helps you to better understand your spending through easy-to-use spend analytics.

What systems does Procurify’s purchase order software integrate with?

Procurify directly integrates with accounting systems such as QuickBooks Online and Netsuite. Our  API access also enables you to connect with a wide range of other systems.

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