Best Practices for Managing Your School's Finances

On-demand webinar // 1 hr

In this one-hour interactive panel session, join two veteran Charter School executives in a fireside chat. They’ll share their experiences on managing multiple campuses, working with governing boards, modernizing outdated back-office procedures, and they’ll explain how to use procurement technology to make sure every dollar goes towards bettering the educational experience for your school and your students. You’ll learn:

  • How to handle the newly-emerged challenges facing Charter Schools in 2021 and how to address them
  • How to approach funding and financing during a period of downturn
  • What changes Charter Schools made during a time of remote work operations
  • The biggest opportunities for fiscal responsibility and how operational leaders can optimize procurement, finance, and facilities management
  • The latest tools and solutions that Charter Schools should consider to modernize outdated back-office processes

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Featured speakers

Damon Norris

Director of Memberships, Arizona Charter School Association

Damon Norris worked in procurement in Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle before starting his career in education. His passion for improving processes, operations and cutting costs in schools led him to become a purchasing manager at Legacy Traditional Schools, to becoming the Director of Memberships at the Arizona Charter School Association.

Rob Di Bacco

CEO, Lotus Training & Consulting Group

Rob Di Bacco has garnered a wide variety of business and education experience over his 25-year career. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Lotus Training & Consulting Group, a consulting organization dedicated to helping schools, nonprofits, and small businesses achieve organizational excellence. In this role, he has helped nonprofits analyze their data to determine their social impact, helped schools design and implement effective marketing plans, helped schools analyze and understand their academic data, and has led strategic planning sessions for several organizations.