Extending the Runway for Venture-Backed Startups

On-demand webinar // 1 hr

When a crisis hits, VC funding becomes more important than ever for venture-backed startups. Goals and personnel are adjusted, budgets are cut, and making the right financial decisions are becoming more important than ever to make every dollar count.

In this session, we’ll be joined with Jim Gellas, VP Finance of Kruze consulting, Kaitlyn Henry, Associate at Openview Venture Partners and Chris Stedman, Head of Relationship Management at Silicon Valley Bank on how VC backed startups can extend their runway.

You’ll learn actionable insights and takeaways to help your organization get through this downturn from experienced leaders who are in it together. Here’s why you should watch the on-demand webinar:

  • Get practical resources in real time: There is a lot of content piling up in our email inboxes and bombarding us on LinkedIn. Hear what resources our experts are using everyday.
  • Learn from like-minded leaders through interactive Q&A: Ask our experts anything. They will tell you what is working during this uncertain environment and how to prepare for the future.
  • Lessons in best practices and processes that work: Change management is a reality organizations are dealing with during this uncertain time. Use these tips to motivate your team.

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Featured speakers

Jim Gellas

​​VP Finance, Kruze Consulting

Jim Gellas is a CFO for seed to Series B startups at Kruze Consulting, a CPA firm specialized in startup accounting and finance. Kruze Consulting provides Startup CFO Consulting to over 150+ startups in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and New York City. The firm handles all things Accounting, Finance, & HR: interim CFO Consulting, financial modeling, annual taxes, venture debt consulting, 409A reporting,bookkeeping, AR/AP, and Seed/Series A/B Fundraising Preparation.

Kaitlyn Henry

Associate, Openview Partners

Kaitlyn is an associate at OpenView Venture Partners, where she is responsible for identifying, evaluating and executing on investment opportunities. Prior to joining OpenView, Kaitlyn worked at Amazon across multiple growth and business development roles. Most recently, she was a senior financial analyst for Amazon’s machine learning group, where she oversaw Amazon’s consumer engagement ML projects worldwide. She has also served as an advisor to early-stage technical founders through her work at the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an accelerator in Central California.

Chris Stedman

Head of Relationship Management, Silicon Valley Bank

Chris Stedman is Head of Relationship Management for SVB. In this role, he’s responsible for all of the commercial bank sales teams across the United States that serve private venture capital backed and public technology companies. These teams are responsible for building relationships with management teams, understanding the needs of their clients, and orchestrating the delivery of the entire SVB platform to help them succeed. Beforehand, Stedman was Head of Business Development for SVB, responsible for four distinct teams that built relationships and developed new business across the SVB platform; venture capital relationship management, sales origination, corporate venturing, and strategic analytics.

Julian Hannabuss

Director of Revenue Operations, Procurify

Julian has been helping set up and run revenue operations at tech companies for the last 25 years. He has specialized in implementing processes and systems to track and improve marketing, sales and customer service performance, aligned to sustainable spending patterns. At Procurify, he has been leading the charge to lower customer acquisition costs and maximize customer lifetime value.