How to Manage Company Spending Through a Proactive Spend Culture

On-demand webinar // 1 hr

Despite a banner year for innovation and investment in fintech, many finance teams still rely on incredibly dated manual methods of managing their companies’ spending that can be both time-consuming and error-prone. A company cannot maintain an accurate view of its spending if it cannot see spend commitments until it receives an invoice.

The less visibility a company has into its spending, the greater the company’s vulnerability to errors and fraud, and the greater the company’s risk of overspending and incurring lost opportunities for cost savings.

There is a better way. During this Webcast, we will outline how companies can improve the accuracy and efficiency with which they record spending by:

  • Identifying which aspects of invoice management, such as three-way matching, lend themselves best to automation
  • Developing consistent workflows for the submission, review, and approval of invoices and purchase orders
  • Establishing, communicating, and enforcing policies to maintain employees' with regulations and requirements for spending responsibly on behalf of the organization

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Featured speakers

Greg Smithies

Director of Finance, Neuralink

Derek Mernagh

Assistant Controller, Yelp

Kurtis Warren

Product Manager, Procurify