Managing Burn Rates & Investor Expectations in an Uncertain Economy

On-demand webinar // 1 hr

According to top research firm CB Insights, the number two reason why startups fail (after product-market fit) is running out of cash. While founders and SaaS aficionados are busy chatting away about CAC, retention rate, and growth strategies, one crucial elephant in the room tends to take a backburner: the burn rate.

In this interactive online panel session, we explore:

  • How organizations can implement the right controls without sacrificing a culture of innovation, experimentation, and learning
  • Lessons learned from horror stories of spending gone wrong
  • What investors commonly see startups do wrong when managing the burn
  • How SaaS companies can effectively manage spend for their organizations to continue to prosper for the years to come

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Featured speakers

Matt Hodgson

Chief Financial Officer, Vidyard

Matt Hodgson is a CPA and the CFO of Vidyard. Matt has been Vidyard’s CFO for 8 years and helped Vidyard grow exponentially over the last 8 years from 10 people to over 200, closed Series A, B, and C rounds of venture financing totalling US $65M and debt financing of C $15M. Matt is responsible for all Governance, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Human Resources and Administration at Vidyard. Prior to Vidyard, Matt spent 8 years at Ernst & Young working with a breadth of clients with a primary focus on early and growth stage technology companies.

Robert Antoniades

Co-Founder & General Partner, Information Venture Partners

Robert Antoniades co-founded Information Venture Partners in 2014 with Dave Unsworth to work with startups in the field he knows best: financial services. Robert is interested in finding the disruptive ideas and entrepreneurs that believe new or better information is foundational to businesses. He believes that financial institutions need technology to service their customers, reduce cost and compete. Some of his main areas of interest include SaaS, next generation analytics including artificial intelligence and machine learning, capital markets, banking, wealth management and insurance technology.

Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA, HBA, MA

Founder and CEO, Luminari

Michael graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business and began his career in audit at Ernst and Young before moving into risk management consulting at Protiviti. Michael then completed an MA in International Affairs specializing in counter-terrorism, while working at Scotiabank in that capacity. Michael began his entrepreneurial career as the CFO/COO of wearable technology startup GestureLogic. In 2016, Michael founded Luminari, a platform dedicated to making CPAs lives easier and their careers progress faster. The Luminari community is over 15,000 CPAs strong, and is most well known for its flagship product LumiQ, a professional education platform highlighting practical skills taught by industry experts.

Phil Gray

Director of Finance and Operations, Procurify

Phil brings over 10 years of retail and B2B operations management experience to his current role as Director of Operations at Procurify. He leads the direction for setting strategic goals for all teams in the organization, and regularly evaluates the efficiency of business procedures and direction. During his time at Procurify, the company has grown from 55 team members to over 100, and doubled its ARR within one year. Phil is passionate about alignment of purpose and bringing out the fullest potential within each person within Procurify