Procurify – We’re Just a Procurement Software Company

You might never have heard of Procurify. We’re just a procurement software company, another business, another voice.  I don’t blame you.  Before I started working with a procurement software company,  I didn’t care much for what companies did or what they had to say either.  Those were the days before budgets and payroll.  When the only deadlines existed in countdown timers for games like Super Mario.  These things have always existed.  Just not in my world.

Everything Changed with Procurement Software

Working in procurement software made me look at the bigger picture; maybe even a different picture altogether.  I have a court-side seat to the procurement process within many different organizations of various sizes and industries.  Different companies will tell us about problems in their operations and i’ve been lucky enough to bare witness to their pain.  I’ve also been lucky to have an education where I can understand what those pains might mean to an organization, right down to the individual.  Suddenly I care what companies have to say because the more I listen the more I am certain there is a solution.

Procurement Software Construction Tradeshow

Most organizations seem to seek out procurement software, and by extension Procurify, when they encounter a problem.  Either the company is doing terrible and they need to better manage their operational or procurement processes, or they are experiencing relatively tremendous growth and they need to better manage their operational or procurement processes.  There are a few forward-thinking organizations that seek out innovations to prepare for change or to spur the desired growth, but most of the time an organization will already be experiencing some sort of change.

I am not saying that procurement software is the answer.  Although it would make my job a  lot easier if people just decided that procurement software would solve all their organizational problems.  What I am saying, is that even just from the short period of time I have been plugged into the industry, I can tell which way the wind is blowing.  That is a poetic way of saying that ignoring operational process deficiencies will cost far more than the sticker price of procurement software.

I used to be at email inbox zero.  Which means I was on top of everything.  Now I’m lucky to get through half of them.  It became apparent very early on that if I attempted to maintain a pristine inbox I would not be able to accomplish much at all.  Personally speaking, efficiency will come down to the system or process you adhere to.  There will always be a need for meetings.  Communication is still very much an inexact science.  From an organizational standpoint, it becomes even more important to have your team follow a system that works. Bottlenecks are operational nightmares that add up to a lot of inefficiencies.

Your organization will change.  Your team will change.  Even the tools and software you use will change.  What’s important right now and going forward is how harmonious you want your ecosystem to be to better manage change.