Customer Story

For This Thriving Theme Park, Procurify Paid for Itself in Weeks

Anakeesta is an award-winning theme park in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which offers an authentic Smoky Mountain National Park experience for adventurous guests of all ages. With their attendance numbers reaching new heights, Anakeesta Theme Park needed a solution to help them scale their spend management process.

Gatlinburg, TN

The challenges

In recent years, with more people moving outdoors, Anakeesta Theme Park has seen their attendance skyrocket. This increased demand has resulted in more order requisitions across a growing number of departments, so they set out to find a procurement partner to help them scale strategically without losing control.

  • Lack of control over company spend: To keep up with their booming growth, Anakeesta was issuing more and more company credit cards. With a total of 18 physical cards in circulation, it was growing increasingly difficult to keep track of spend

  • Unstructured approval process: Without a standardized approval process, rogue spend was rampant and managers lacked visibility into whether or not their approvals fell within their budget

  • Difficulty reconciling payments: With physical receipts getting lost, and information scattered across emails and spreadsheets, Anakeesta’s accounts payable team was losing precious time tracking down the context they needed to close their books

The solution

Anakeesta Theme Park reached out to Procurify to help them streamline their spend management process. In particular, Procurify Spending Cards are helping them to enforce budget discipline and prevent reconciliation headaches.

  • More visibility and control with Spending Cards: Anakeesta can now easily and securely issue Procurify Spending Cards with clear spending limits to team members, and rest assured that they’ll provide unprecedented visibility, accountability, and centralized control — while keeping everyone well within budget.

  • Intuitive experience and onboarding: Anakeesta is growing quickly, and it was important to find a user-friendly solution that their team would adopt with ease. As their Director of Finance Michael Motes put it: “Procurify ‘s intuitive interface is super user-friendly. With a few clicks on the button, it empowers users to proactively track, control, and analyze spending which is exactly what we need.”

  • Standardized processes and centralized documentation: Procurify’s mobile app prompts users to take a photo of receipt so they no longer get lost. All context, documentation, and communication is now stored in a centralized place, eliminating reconciliation headaches and simplifying three-way matching.


As Anakeesta Theme Park enables their adventurous visitors to scale mountains (literally), streamlined procurement processes are helping their organization scale new heights. Learn how Procurify can help your organization manage explosive growth without sacrificing spend visibility or control.