Customer Story

Cabify Streamlined and Scaled Global Spend Control with Procurify

Cabify is a global ride-hailing and transportation technology company based in Madrid, Spain, with operations in 14 countries. They’re considered the first Spanish “unicorn” technology company with a valuation of more than one billion euros.

Madrid, Spain

The challenges

After receiving funding from investors, Cabify was looking to scale the way their teams managed spending. They wanted to level up current processes, while ensuring that their procurement software could scale with them.

  • Rigid, unscalable workflows: For Cabify, hypergrowth meant that change was the only constant for their organization; they needed flexible procurement processes that could adapt and scale as they grew.

  • Manual, error-prone processes: The Cabify team recognized that spreadsheets and emails were an inefficient way to manage and track purchases and make spend decisions. Their document management system was becoming too cumbersome to use.

  • Lack of spend visibility: Manual, disjointed processes meant that generating spend reports was time-intensive and prone to human error.

The solution

Cabify set out to find a spend management solution that was simple to use while offering better spend visibility and accelerating purchasing cycle times. They found the perfect partner in Procurify.

  • Seamless NetSuite integration: Cabify now has a centralized source of truth for purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices, reducing the time spent searching for missing documents. Their AP team can rest easy knowing they have the information they need to create bills, complete three-way matches, and process payments.

  • Actionable insights and reporting: Today, Cabify can see how money flows in and out of their organization in real-time, with comprehensive reporting capabilities that give them the context they need to make smarter purchasing decisions.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app: Cabify team members can also now easily manage the end-to-end procurement process from their phone with the Procurify Mobile App.


Cabify is set to continue rolling out Procurify to the other countries where they operate. Find out how Procurify can help your team build more efficient, scalable procurement processes.

  • Automate time-intensive and error-prone manual processes and speed up purchasing cycle times

  • Empower managers with real-time insights to optimize resource allocation and make more responsible spend decisions

  • Enrich your accounting systems with reliable purchase data and more context around invoices