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Leading education organizations choose Procurify to help manage and improve their spending.


Simple purchasing system

The simplest purchasing system for educators to use.

Getting your staff trained and using better purchasing processes is ridiculously easy

Transparency into your budgets

Clarity for Teachers and Administrators to see how much has been spent and what is remaining in their budgets.

Instant notifications

Instant Notifications so you get what you need quickly

Get notified the instant someone makes a request for items, a request is approved or when a purchased item has been received.

Simple system of record

A simple system of record for tracking every order

For the entire Request to Pay Process see who approved orders or who made changes to them.

“Because I am able to see all my past purchase orders and the amount of purchases I made with a vendor, I can now go into vendor negotiations with confidence. I can say “hey -— here’s the data, backed by Procurify’s reports”, and this capability allowed me to reduce costs across the board for our school by over 30%.”

Asco Aerospace

Damon Norris, Director of School Operations & Development

How a procurement whiz reduced costs by 30% and realized over $1 million in savings.

Damon desired a real impact; he wanted to see tangible improvements in how schools would be able to serve students. And with his solid credentials in Procurement, Finance and Operations, he was perfectly positioned to help schools where it really mattered — their finances and their ability to manage their money.


Some of our happy education partners

What Education Professionals are saying

“Procurify is a very simple software that is easy to learn and work with.”

Kelly R.

Kelly R.

Instructor, Miami Arts Charter

“Easiest part of my day”

Jeremy W.

Jeremy W.

Constellation Schools, Director of Support Services

“Easy to use and great way to track our expenses.”

Yani H.

Yani H.

Bookkeeper, Charter School of Excellence

“It rocks! It’s like Amazon for work.”

Lara O, Pave Academy

Lara O.

Teacher, Pave Academy

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