Easy Procurement Management for Charter Schools

Procurify’s procure-to-pay software helps charter schools transition away from inefficient purchasing processes toward modern procurement with better spend visibility, efficiency, and control.

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Streamline purchasing, accounts payable, and payments

Charter schools struggle with outdated processes, limited spend visibility, and manual work, hindering their ability to effectively manage spending and approvals within budget constraints. Procurify helps your charter school streamline purchasing processes, improve budget tracking, implement multi-level approval workflows, and integrate with your accounting system for a single source of financial truth.

Free up time to focus on what matters most: Your students

Real-time spend visibility and control

Gain real-time control over your charter school’s budget with improved spending visibility and approval tracking, even with students and staff dispersed across various locations.

  • Set up budgets based on programs, locations, projects, and more

  • See how purchases impact a specific budget before approving

  • Review real-time graphs that show actual over-committed spending

Centralized procurement management

Gain clear spending visibility by consolidating all procurement activities into a single, digital system for effortless record-keeping, audit trails, budget tracking, and management of grant-based funding.

  • Designate purchasing permissions and personalize how you manage workflows

  • Consolidate orders for specific vendors and adjust as needed

  • Encourage purchasing through preferred vendor catalogs and PunchOuts

Seamless integration with your financial system

Procurify seamlessly connects with your existing financial system, minimizing data entry and streamlining invoice processing. A dedicated team works with you to sync your data and improve your purchasing process.

  • Centralize context and documentation around every purchase to speed up reconciliation and three-way matching

  • AP automation tools help pre-populate bills minimizing error-prone manual tasks and redundant data entry

  • Feel confident knowing invoices have been verified and approved by the right people, helping to ensure accurate and timely bill payments

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