Conveniently capture all of your spending in Procurify, see it in NetSuite and never be blindsided by an invoice again.


We know that the purchase-to-pay process can get complicated. At Procurify we make this easier to manage, which is why we’ve partnered with NetSuite.

Our latest integration enhances of the functionality of the leading ERP while maintaining a lean and productive process. Match up the right tools for the job at every stage of the purchasing process; from creating a requisition, conducting a 3-way match or paying for an invoice.

Capture all your spending in Procurify, see it in NetSuite and never be blindsided by an invoice again.

Features and benefits include:

  • Easily configured for OneWorld customers (subsidiary management) or “single instance” NetSuite
  • Use Procurify’s mobile app to enhance your approvals and avoid delays in the process
  • Automated (background) syncing can be configured for preferred regularity
  • Track your receipts and match invoices with purchases with both Procurify and NetSuite
  • Supports standard reporting capabilities around Open Orders and Accruals in NetSuite reporting
  • Increased visibility of spending & enhanced process compliance
  • Highly configurable permission sets support diverse business needs and processes
  • User friendly and intuitive system - happy & productive end users ensures more spending is captured, all with minimal training
  • Streamlined and centralised communications - complete picture of activities and comments with spending records
  • Requests, expenses and approvals all available via mobile app for on-the-go employees

Benefits for IT Staff

Benefits for Finance Teams

Simple 3-way match (with supporting documentation) helps AP staff decision making
Real time syncing of purchase order and receipt data removes data entry for AP team and improves data quality
NetSuite accrual reporting is enhanced with visibility of all indirect purchases

BFN Certified SuiteBundle

Tested and vetted by NetSuite giving you peace of mind around security and reliability
Simple implementation and maintenance including future NetSuite version compatibility
No integration middleware required
Configurable syncing schedule for a variety of needs

Feature Highlights

Requisitions and Approvals

Design your own approval structure based on your organization

Pre-approval workflows to decentralize decision making quickly

Fast and informed requisitions and access from anywhere on the cloud

Web & Mobile

Native iOS and Android applications to make or approve requisitions, travel, and expenses

Receive anywhere with mobile receive

Simplified expense management with OCR on your receipts

Purchasing, Receiving, and Matching with Netsuite Bills

Centralize purchases into purchase orders with Procurify

Easy receipting to track quality status, and supporting documents of purchases

Build your catalog with indirect purchases

Vendor Management

Two-way vendor sync with NetSuite to keep your vendors up to date

Set preferred vendors for your requesters

Report purchases by vendor and identify opportunities to improve spending


NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP that more than 40,000 organizations worldwide use to unify business management, financials, CRM, ecommerce and more.

NetSuite’s solutions include four main areas:

  • ERP for back-office operations, such as, financial, supply chain, inventory, billing, invoicing, ordering and human capital management.
  • Omni-channel commerce as a platform for transactions, Point of Sale, order management and services associated with online, in-store and phone sales.
  • CRM to support customer service, support, marketing automation and consumer insights.
  • Professional Service Automation that helps manage bid-to-bill processes as well as improves resources utilization, streamlines project management and gives visibility to financials.

NetSuite integration with cloud software helps enterprises get the most from their NetSuite investment.


Simplicity, greater UX with indirect purchasing

Enhanced usability for interfacing

Next gen ERP to provide ERP data with insights and trends

Removing friction with data entry

Seamless integration with system

Order info to receipts

Ensure consistency with accurate data entry across your organization

Reducing additional double work/entries

Integrated workflow to improve your office processes

Complementary systems working together