Receiving made ridiculously organized.

receive purchase orders

Receiving is the most crucial link between purchase and payment in your process. Know the three W’s about your purchase — what was delivered, who received it and when.

How Receive Works

Ensure you are getting what you ordered

Procurify keeps a record of purchased items so that the person receiving the goods can quickly check them off as they arrive.

Record purchases
Purchasing history

Keep all your documents in one place

As a system of records, Procurify makes your paperwork ridiculously organized. Simply take a picture of your packing slip and attach it to the respective order. When you need to look up your purchasing history, everything is where it should be.

“Procurify, within the first 2 months has saved us thousands of dollars when it comes to products being re-ordered because they were lost. It has allowed us to revamp our processes and procedures to make sure items were received by a central point at one location and logged into the system. This allows purchasing to follow up on any partial receipts saving time for the schools.”

Damon Norris, Purchasing Manager at legacy traditional school

See every detail of an order

Stop playing telephone: communicate clearly

You can see exactly who requested, approved, and received an order so you can start conversations with the right people whenever you need to send an update or clarify a detail.

Stay organized: three way match your shipping documents to your invoices and purchase orders

Procurify makes it simple to receive orders and automatically updates the order’s status, informs relevant individuals, and matches what’s been received with your records.

Three-way match shipping documents, invoices and purchase orders

Receive Features

  • receipt upload

    Receipt Upload

    Make it easy for teams to stay organized. Procurify’s Quick Attach feature helps to keep related documents together without the hassle of a filing cabinet.

  • three-way match

    Three Way Match

    Once you attach your packing slip, it can be associated to its respective invoice and matched against a specific purchase order.

  • comment and in-app chat

    Comment & In-App Chat

    Purchasers, requesters, and receivers can easily connect with each other using the comments box or the in-app chat.

  • invoice approval software

    Invoice Approval Software

    Ensure your invoices are attached to received orders before you pay them.

  • receiving and inspection

    Receiving and Inspection

    If a particular item in your order is damaged, missing or incorrect, you can mark it as unreceived.

  • receive logs

    Receive Logs

    Find out exactly who received the order, along with the date and time of day.

Now you’re done with receiving, let’s move on to match & paying!


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