Requisition workflows that fit your business.


Proactive spend management starts with a modern requisition process. Procurify’s requisition workflow software empowers your team with the crucial insights needed to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

How Request Works

Get your team what they need, when they need it.

Procurify keeps all communication related to spending in one user-friendly platform. Everyone stays in the loop so that requisitions and approvals aren't lost or forgotten.

Your team can set a due date for its needs to help managers prioritize requests.

Give your team the certainty of knowing who is approving their request.

Faster expense reporting and easier receipt management.

Keep your team happy with Procurify's travel and expense reporting. Team members can create expense reports on their mobile phone, upload receipts, and get on with their day.

"The web-based solution was huge for us because we have a bunch of guys out in the field with iPhones or devices – tablets or something of that nature – and they can get on their system, get a wireless connection and purchase in real time."

Mike Freese, Director of Finance at HTH Companies

Promote transparency among everyone in your requisition process.

With Procurify, your team can see the status of their requests throughout the requisition process, and are notified of changes instantly. Bring transparency to your spend management.

Let your team make requests on the go.

Business travel? Remote offices? Working from home? Our mobile app lets users make requests wherever there's internet so spending can still be tracked.

Keep everyone in the loop even when you're not together.

Real-time notifications provide updates on orders so communication is kept open between your team.

Talk, question, clarify — get to the bottom of each request.

Don't just assume. Clarify the details of an order directly on the request to keep all the information in one place.

Leverage your vendor relationships with catalog management.

You've built a relationship with preferred suppliers and vendors. Ensure your team takes advantage of this relationship with Procurify's simple catalog management.

Save time and effort by minimizing manual entries.

Procurify can auto-fill order details for products you find online to help you get on with your day.

All your team needs to do is copy, paste the URL

Once the URL is pasted, Procurify adds product information like Price, SKU etc.

Save time setting up Procurify by uploading your spreadsheets as CSVs

Once a CSV is uploaded, Procurify consolidates the entire list so you can get a system of record set up quicker.

Product Features

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Let your team use our mobile app to receive mobile alerts whenever their request is approved, denied or requires further clarification.

  • Request For Expense

    Let your team take pictures of their expense receipts and attach them as supporting documents so Accounts Payable can reimburse them.

  • Catalog Management

    Let your team choose products from a catalog of your company’s preferred vendors so you can leverage discounts with these vendors.

  • Create Bundles

    Create product bundles in your catalog so that your team can conveniently order pre-selected packages of products and save time.

  • Request For Travel

    Allow your team to request a travel budget so that all related expenses tied to their business trips can reside within one system.

  • Data Import

    Allow your team to import a list of items by uploading a CSV file. Procurify will then arrange the list into a single and consolidated request.

  • URL Pull

    Let your team copy and paste the URL of an online product. Procurify will then automatically add the product’s details like price, SKU, discounts etc.

  • Chat Box

    Your team can tag their approvers to make enquiries about the status of their request. This way, requesters and approvers stay on the same page.

  • Replicate Orders

    Previously ordered items need not be manually entered all over again. Procurify lets your team place such orders without any time and effort.

Once you’re done requesting, you’re ready to approve!

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