4 Procurement KPIs Every Software Company Should Measure

On-demand webinar // 1 hr

In growing software companies, the agility of operations and nimbleness of execution are key. When it comes to procurement, many companies do not have a formalized process or strategy in the earlier stages, until it becomes overwhelming to deal with. This puts a lot of pain and stress on the finance and operations team, where they stay late to check on invoices and line items, and on the company, where waiting days for approval slows down their projects.

Growing software companies manage procurement on an ad-hoc basis, using tools such as spreadsheets, email, and slack. However easy these tools might be, startups outgrow these processes very quickly.

In this webinar, join renowned procurement expert and researcher Marisa Brown of APQC, and Procurify’s Koju Kojwang, who will guide you through which metrics to measure when jumpstarting a procurement strategy, and how to improve them. You’ll learn:

  • The four KPIs you should be measuring to improve your operational efficiency when it comes to procurement and your spend management process
  • The main challenges and red flags that are slowing your team down when it comes to procurement and spend management
  • Key strategies to improve your KPIs so you can save time, money and energy so that your team can focus on doing what they do best – generating more revenue towards hyper-growth

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Featured speakers

Marisa Brown

Senior Principal Research Lead, Supply Chain Management

Marisa has more than 25 years of experience in business, research, writing, speaking, and consulting. She leads APQC’s supply chain team that conducts research to provide insights into benchmarks, best practices, and process improvements across the supply chain, currently focusing on supply chain planning, procurement, and supplier relationships. Marisa creates and publishes informative content on APQC’s Knowledge Base, the APQC blog, and third-party sites.

Koju Kojwang

Technology Consultant, Procurify

Koju is a Procurement Technology Consultant at Procurify, a software solution that helps growing organizations manage their spending. He works with fast-growing companies in the U.S, Canada, and Europe to help them manage budgets and improve visibility into spend as they scale. Procurify plays well with many accounting systems, including QuickBooks, and major ERPs.