Procurify’s 2021 Product Recap

Another year is drawing to a close, and what a year it was! 2021 brought with it some unexpected twists and turns, but the Procurify Product and Engineering teams gave it their all, continuing to take our platform to new heights to help make spend management smart and simple for organizations across the globe.

Here’s a recap of the features and product improvements the team delivered in 2021.


Automated purchase order creation

In June, we launched a new feature that lets Procurify customers automatically generate purchase orders within the Procurify Platform.

Designed to save you time and reduce duplicate data entry, automated purchase orders in the Procurify Platform gives purchasers and requesters the ability to automatically generate a purchase order the moment an RFO is approved.

Read more about automated purchase orders here.


Accelerated purchasing with spending cards

Procurify spending cards offer your team quick and secure access to pre-approved funds, via reloadable physical or virtual prepaid cards.

Spending cards are now available to all Procurify Platform customers. They’re an exciting new tool to add to your organization’s spending toolkit, and better yet, you earn cash back on every purchase you make. Right now, we’re running our Cash Back Blitz Program where you’ll earn even more cash back on every spending card purchase you make! 

To opt-in to the program, please contact your Procurify Customer Success Manager.

Discover more about Procurify’s spending cards here.


Enabled recurring item approval for iOS/Android

Approve purchase requests easily from your pocket. Earlier this year, we made it possible to approve recurring spend items from your iOS and Android devices.

Approvers now see the details of recurring order items to approve or deny in the Procurify Mobile App on iOS and Android. See recurrence details for the requested item while making approval decisions on the total amount.

Learn more about recurring spend management here.


Made it easier to purchase supplies with Staples PunchOut

Procurify customers can now streamline their purchasing experience with Staples. 

Our latest integration upgrade, Staples PunchOut catalog, lets you make catalog selections and automatically place orders through Staples Advantage (USA).

Quite simply, the Staples PunchOut feature accelerates the request-to-purchase process. For now, this feature is only available to Procurify customers in the United States (via the Staples Advantage program).

Read more about our Staples PunchOut feature here.


Reduce duplicate data entry with Procurify CheckOuts

The Procurify Product and Engineering teams have been busy working to synchronize the purchasing experience between key vendors and the Procurify Platform.

Procurify CheckOut allows you to shop on your supplier’s website, then with the click of a button, sync the entire shopping cart with the Procurify Platform. 

Say goodbye to tedious duplication of items into purchase orders and be confident you have the correct details for purchasing.

Find out more about Procurify CheckOut here.


We hired some incredible new leaders this year

Alicia Bedard, VP of Marketing

First up, we brought on a stellar VP of Marketing, Alicia Bedard, to lead our marketing efforts. Alicia brings with her extensive experience, most recently leading Marketing at ApplyBoard and playing a key role in helping the company achieve a C$4B valuation. 

Her team is responsible for ensuring our close-knit community of customers, investors, and partners are well-informed about what goes on around our virtual corridors. 

Catherine Lieferink, VP of People and Culture

Next, we hired Catherine Lieferink, our VP of People and Culture. Cath brings more than 15 years of experience to the table and has previously worked as an HR leader for a variety of organizations across Canada. 

In a prior role, Cath built an end-to-end HR strategy from the ground up and delivered a 55 percent profitability growth and a 46-point improvement in Net Promoter Score, all within two years.

Butch Langlois, Chief Revenue Officer

We also brought on board a new Chief Revenue Officer, Butch Langlois. Up until joining Procurify, Butch was President at cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software company, Vend, which was acquired by Lightspeed for US$320M. 

In a former life, Butch was a pastry chef, a junior hockey player, and even a touring musician. In his own words, “I can play every instrument, just not all at once.”

Chad Millen, VP of Engineering

Finally, we hired Chad Millen, our new VP of Engineering. Chad was previously the Director of Engineering at PerkinElmer, where he led the team that launched a clinical trial monitoring platform that helped bring COVID/cancer treatments to market. 

We won awards!

A humble brag from everyone at Procurify, but we won Tech Breakthough’s Remote Work Tech Startup of the Year award for the second year in a row!

We were also shortlisted on’s best purchasing software and best vendor management software lists and we were named one of the top 50 Canadian fintech companies and startups for 2021.

That’s a wrap!

Well, there you have it. Before we wrap up, we’d like to offer a note of gratitude to everyone involved in our journey this year:

To every customer we serve, to every team member working hard to move the needle forward, and to our community of partners and investors who believe in our mission, thank you. 

We are sincerely grateful.

To find out more about Procurify, and to continue following our journey in 2022, visit our blog and subscribe to our newsletter.

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