? New Feature Alert! Introducing Staples PunchOut for Procurify Customers

Launching today, Procurify customers can now streamline their purchasing experience with Staples. Our latest feature, Staples PunchOut, lets you make catalog selections and automatically place orders through Staples Advantage (USA).

Here’s what you need to know.

How does Staples PunchOut work?

The Staples PunchOut feature accelerates the request-to-purchase process. Available only to Procurify customers in the United States (via the Staples Advantage program), this integration will help you save time and reduce order errors.

Quite simply, load up a request for order form, select the items you’d like to order from Staples, and submit your order for approval. Once approved, the Procurify Platform will automatically generate a purchase order and send it to Staples, who will then fulfill the order. 

No more copying and pasting items from the Staples website into your purchase request, and no more duplicating items between requests for orders and purchase orders. Instead, you can select what you need directly inside your Procurify domain, submit your purchase request, and then go back to more important tasks, like refilling your morning coffee. 

How will Staples PunchOut benefit me?

Our Product Team designed Staples PunchOut Catalog to directly benefit everyone involved in the purchasing process.  

For requesters

If you’re requesting a purchase from Staples inside the Procurify Platform, you can now save yourself time with Staples PunchOut.

Prior to this PunchOut experience, requesters would manually copy and paste item details from the Staples catalog and back into the Procurify Platform. Now, you can simply select the item you need from the catalog and item details – like the price, product description, and SKU number – will automatically generate in the purchase request. 

After you’ve made an order, you can also easily understand the status of each item directly inside the Procurify Platform. If an order is unsuccessful, for example, the line item will display red text, and if you hover over the text, you’ll be able to view the reason why this order was unsuccessful (for example, if it’s backordered). 

For purchasers

For purchasers, you’re also reaping the benefits of saved time. 

Staples PunchOut means you no longer have to manually place orders from the Staples catalog. For particularly large orders, this is a huge benefit. Instead, approved purchases are automatically sent to Staples, so you can rest easy knowing that items are with the vendor the moment they are confirmed. 

Staples PunchOut means you no longer have to manually create purchase orders, either. Instead, a purchase order is automatically generated, reducing your risk of human error and ensuring that what you’re purchasing is exactly what is requested. No more, no less.

The all-important FAQs

Got questions? Good. We’re glad to hear you’re curious. Here are the answers to a few common questions.

Can I add an approver for PunchOut requests only?

No, unfortunately not. Currently, there is no option to add an approver for purchase requests that are exclusive to PunchOut integrations. 

Who can use Staples PunchOut?

Staples PunchOut Catalog is available to customers in the Voyager package. To find out more about Procurify packages, visit our packages page.

Which countries offer Staples PunchOut?

Currently, we offer Staples PunchOut to Procurify customers in the United States only.

How do I make changes to my Staples Advantage catalog?

Customers looking to make changes to their Staples Advantage catalog must contact their Staples representative. Please redirect any applicable customer questions to them. 

Want to set up Staples PunchOut? Here’s how

If you want to set up Staples PunchOut in your Procurify domain, contact your Customer Success Manager or the Procurify Success Team.

If you’d like to explore more Procurify integrations, visit our integrations page.