Procurify gets Software companies. We understand that giving your team beautifully designed spend management solutions to help them get what they need should also give your finance team the insights they’ve been looking for.

Excel and email can only take you so far

Procurify makes it easier for software teams to manage and improve their purchasing process, while capturing all spending details and paperwork.

With solutions like Amazon Business PunchOut and integrations into your existing tech stack, we can track your software organization’s spend.

Common types of spend software organization manage with Procurify:

  • Recurring spend
  • Software spend
  • Marketing spend
  • Spur of the moment celebrations
  • Team and company offsites
  • Expenses

Key benefits to Software organizations

Modern and simple process for both requesting items and reconciling

Web and mobile based platform makes it easy to start tracking spend.

Track all receipts, shipping documents and invoices

You no longer have to chase down people or invoices to understand purchases.

Gain visibility and trust that your resources are being spent in the right places

Manage and customize the workflow to match your existing process.

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The added visibility is huge since our budgets were very manual and siloed before. Now we’re able to see opportunities for cost savings and discounts much more easily and we’re having ongoing discussions about how to implement those changes moving forward.

Mark Pendon, Finance Operations Manager, Skip The Dishes

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1000+ Employees
Operating in 14 countries
Madrid Spain


Cabify improves spend control for a global team with Procurify

Global ride-hailing and transportation technology company Cabify are considered the first Spanish “Unicorn” tech company with a valuation of over 1 billion euros.

Becoming a unicorn tech company is rare and a feat in itself. But when startups cross that chasm, sustaining that growth requires additional resources and improved work processes.

Watch how Enrique Salgado, Global IT Manager, and his team implemented Procurify to strengthen the financial foundation of Cabify.

1000+ Employees
Operating in 14 countries
Madrid Spain

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"Procurify does everything. I love the import/export feature. I love that we can finally see purchases by moving from a manual, paper-based process to more of a web-based, automated system that allows for us to extract data, input data, and see purchases at a detailed level so that we can negotiate whatever our major purchases are. I like the simplicity of the workflow"

Asif Khondaker, Director of Accounts and Finance, pathao

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Trusted by the world’s most innovative software companies

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“We love using Procurify for our entire team to understand how we are spending, and to know the why behind every dollar that we put towards growing the organization.”

Alicia Williams, CPA, Controller, Charitable Impact