Finance and Accounting Podcasts: 25 of Our Best Episodes for Leaders


Finance and accounting leaders face a variety of ever-changing challenges in our constantly evolving economy. The trick? To stay one step ahead of any obstacles that are thrown at you. How do you do that? By learning from those who have already faced those obstacles. That’s where our finance and accounting podcasts come in. 

Our finance and accounting podcasts are a great way to stay on top of best practices and trends in the industry.

Here are 25 of the best finance and accounting episodes from Spend Culture.

On the new normal and remote work

1. How Small-Medium Businesses Can Make the Road to Recovery in 2021 With Scott Omelianuk, Editor-in-Chief of Inc.

In this episode, Scott Omelianuk, Editor-in-Chief of Inc. joins us to chat about the biggest learnings business owners had from 2020, and strategies on how small-medium businesses can regain momentum for success in a new year. Scott also shares his lessons as an entrepreneur himself, and how he helped other companies pivot and scale even within a crisis.

2. Leading the Finance Function at a People-First Tech Company With Pinder Sekhon, Sr. Director of Finance at Unbounce

In this episode, Pinder Sekhon, the Sr Director of Finance at Vancouver-based company Unbounce shares her experience as a people-first finance leader who made her transition from the more bureaucratic, traditional industries to the agile, fast-paced culture at Unbounce.She shares how to build a proactive spend culture using technology, and how finance leaders can balance control with trust in fast-scaling organizations.

3. How to Onboard as a New CFO While Leading a Remote Team With Shouvik Roy, CFO at Drop

Shouvik Roy, the CFO of Drop joined the company during the 2020 pandemic, having to adapt to a new team and environment while being completely remote. As a seasoned financial executive in the fintech sector, Shouvik discusses the challenges in tech startups during downturns, as well as the CFO’s role in setting vision, strategy, and fundraising in 2021.

4. How Forward-Thinking Accounting Teams are Adapting In The New Normal

Firstly, Ryan Lazanis, the forward-thinking founder of Future Firm shares his insights as a veteran fully remote accounting firm owner on how accounting and finance teams can adapt to the changes to remote work, and how to modernize processes for the future.

5. How Future Driven CFOs Approach Crisis Management

Adam Metzger, Managing Partner at ACM Consultants and ex-financial trader shares his unique perspective regarding crisis management during tough times, what sets top leaders apart in times of crisis and black swan events, and how to leverage the downturn as an opportunity for growth.

6. Lessons Learned From a Fully Remote Virtual CFO Firm 

In this episode, Jody Grunden, the CEO and Co-Founder of Summit CPA shares his tips on working remotely as a pioneer in the virtual CFO space, and what well-run companies do differently from a financial perspective within a crisis.

7. 5 Steps for Scenario Planning in the New Normal

Following Jody, Debbie Rosler, Outsourced CFO at Burkland & Associates chats about the best practices for scenario planning, how to get started with an easy five-step approach, and the tactics to extend your runway and cash flow.

8. How to Manage a Remote Finance Team as a CFO – Suzanne Shifflet

Tune in as CFO and finance executive Suzanne Shifflet of Gym Launch talk about strategies for managing spending and finance teams in a distributed workforce. Most importantly, they cover how to keep teams motivated and engaged during the shift to remote work.

9. The New Role and Challenges of the Healthcare CFO – Perry Wiggins

Perry Wiggins, the CFO of APQC discusses the changing face of the healthcare industry and the new role and challenges of the CFO. Perry shares his insights on adopting an unrestricted Spend Culture built on trust and accountability.

10. How to Mitigate Risk for Your Finance Team During a Recession – Helina Patience

Helina Patience, CEO of Entreflow talks about her experience scaling Canadian tech and manufacturing organizations. implementing best practices for finance teams, and change management during times of economic downturn.

On business and startup growth 

11. Managing Hypergrowth and Achieving IPO in a Downturn Economy – Jim Kelliher, CFO at Drift

In this episode, Jim Kelliher, the CFO at Drift shares how Drift became the fastest growing tech company in Boston, and how they navigated strategic challenges during a downturn by being customer-centric, trusting the team, and investing in the right processes and people.

In addition, Jim shares his advice on IPO best practices from his previous CFO roles, and what a finance executive needs to think about before going public.

12. Building a Strategic Finance Function, Brad Dickerson, CFO, Under Armour, Inc.

How did finance help a $600 million sports apparel upstart grow into a $3 billion high-growth firm? Brad explores the steps he took to embed a finance team of more than 30 members across the firm’s different business units. His aim? To help the company look into the future and drive growth.

13. How to Fundraise and Use Your Startup Capital for Growth – Roy Stein, CEO, BabelBark 

Roy Stein, the CEO and Co-Founder of Babelbark shares how to set a healthy foundational spend culture for early-stage startups, and how to secure your first stage of VC funding – and how to spend your startup capital wisely to grow effectively and efficiently.

14. From Seed to Series B: How Startups Should Build a Finance Function – Jim Gellas

Jim Gellas, the VP of Finance at Kruze Consulting and former Head of Finance at Xero shares the biggest red flags to look for when it comes to internal controls in a scaling company, and how to prepare your people, financial processes, and systems to scale with your organization.

15. Why a Deloitte Accountant Made the Switch From Big Four to Tech Startups – Brittany Nasso

Brittany Nasso, the Controller at Voices shares how to drive change and efficient processes that are positive on the bottom line, and also how she made the switch from big four firms to leading finance teams in fast-growing companies.

16. How High Growth Startups Can Create Their First Procurement Strategy

John Evans, the CEO of Procureability discusses how high growth companies can develop a procurement strategy for the first time to properly track and manage maverick and non-compliant spending and to transition into a more mature Spend Culture. 

On artificial intelligence

17. How AI is Making Prediction Cheaper

Avi Goldfarb, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, explains the economics of machine learning. He describes it as a branch of artificial intelligence that makes predictions. Avi says as prediction gets cheaper and better, machines are going to be doing more of it. That means businesses — and individual workers — need to figure out how to take advantage of the technology to stay competitive. 

18. How This CEO is Changing Banking and Personal Finance with AI – Jake Tyler

Listen as Jake Tyler, the CEO of Finn AI shares his insights with host Dani Hao on the future of conversational banking, scaling a business effectively with spend culture, and balancing growth perspectives while also being financially responsible.

On spend management and spend culture

19. How Softbank’s VC CFO Navneet Govil is Making Finance Strategic

In this episode, Softbank Vision Fund’s CFO and Managing Partner Navneet Govil shares his insights on scaling the vision fund’s finance team, how he was able to use technology to make finance strategic, and his opinions on how finance leaders can be better business partners.

In addition, he gives a glimpse into how Softbank Vision Fund selects their portfolio companies and how portfolio company CFOs can benefit from being a part of the Vision Fund ecosystem.

20. CFO Tech Stack: Why ERPs and One Size Fits All Solutions Are Dying

Paul Riegel, CPA, CGA is the Regional Director at the CFO Centre. In this episode, he shares some tips on how to spot red flags when it comes to poor spend management. Additionally, Paul talks about the tech stack recommended for CFOs to cultivate a healthy Spend Culture.

21. Category Management Lessons Learned from Salesforce And Zuora

In this episode, Maria Centeno, Head of Procurement at Zuora shares her learnings from her many years of strategic sourcing for tech giants such as Salesforce and eBay. She tackles:

  • How to best manage category management for marketing and tradeshow spend
  • How procurement can work with finance to make the best spending decisions

22. How to Align your Spend Culture with your Company Culture

In this episode, Jon Brodsky, the Country Manager at shares his insights on:

  • Understanding the why behind company spending
  • How to manage multi-locational teams
  • How to align your culture with the company spend processes

23. Why People Can Break or Make Your Spend Culture – Mason Brady

On this episode of Spend Culture, Mason Brady, the Director of Finance & Supply Chain at Homegrown Organic Farms and a co-founder of The Numbers Guys join us. They share how an inquisitive mindset can bridge departmental gaps, and why people are the key to building a better spend culture.

24. Spend Culture Stories Podcast – A COO/CFO’s Advice on Scaling Your Nonprofit’s Purchasing Process – Rob Dibacco

Robert Di Bacco is an international education and non-profit executive helping a variety of schools, nonprofits and businesses. He currently is the Co-Founder/CEO of Lotus Training & Consulting Group. In this podcast episode, learn how Rob:

  • Manages the financial operations of a non-profit organization
  • Implements a purchasing process for educational institutions
  • Scales spend management sustainably

Bonus episode: one of our favorite finance and accounting podcasts!

25. A Museum CFO Shares The Hidden Costs Behind a Jackson Pollock Painting – Kate Motonaga

Lastly, Kate Motonaga, CPE, is the current COO/CFO of Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). Prior to this, she has also led finance teams for billion-dollar companies in steel, mining, and CPG. In this episode, Kate shares the secrets of the finances within the world of world-class museums, such as the hidden costs behind Jack Pollock’s paintings, and being a female CFO in a male-dominated function.

We hope these helpful tips and tricks from finance thought leaders and industry professionals were valuable and beneficial. To access more finance and accounting podcasts for professionals and interviews from other experienced peers, subscribe to our podcast Spend Culture on Apple, Spotify, or your podcast player of choice. 

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