ZAGENO Punchout Integration Streamline Your Purchasing Process with ZAGENO and Procurify

Save time, money, and effort in sourcing and comparing over 25 million product SKUs from trusted biotech and healthcare vendors with Procurify’s ZAGENO PunchOut integration.

Competitive pricing for over 25 million SKUs

Procurify’s ZAGENO PunchOut enables you to browse and compare specs, reviews, and pricing for products from their marketplace of over 3,500 biotech and healthcare vendors – creating a seamless e-commerce experience for all your lab procurement needs.

3,500 vendors and counting

Consolidated purchasing to save time and money

ZAGENO consolidates orders from multiple suppliers and offers end-to-end order management to ensure cost savings and increased efficiency when procuring your life sciences and lab supplies.


ZAGENO serves research labs and organizations — from industries ranging from biotech, food tech, healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and beyond — that are based out of the US, UK, Germany, and Belgium.

Why ZAGENO and Procurify?

Pairing ZAGENO with Procurify brings significant benefits to your lab procurement process: from a broader range of purchasing options to increased efficiency in procuring your life sciences and lab supplies.

  • Streamlined procurement

    Procurify and ZAGENO automate your lab’s procurement process, making it easier to create purchase orders, approve requests, and track expenses. Seamlessly integrate your ZAGENO orders into your procurement workflow, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

  • Cost savings

    On top of ZAGENO’s competitive pricing, Procurify unlocks efficiency improvements for customers to deliver a measurable return on their investment – whether drastically condensing procure-to-pay timelines, saving on costly ERP license seats, or reducing rogue spending.

  • Improved spend visibility

    Procurify gives you full visibility into spending patterns, enabling you to track and analyze your expenses. Real-time visibility and control into your spending on ZAGENO products and services will help you manage your organization’s budget more effectively.

Procurify procure-to-pay feature spotlight

Procurify’s easy-to-use platform provides real-time visibility and control over all business spend. Explore some of our customers’ favorite features and learn why Procurify is rated the #1 purchasing software on G2.

See Procurify PunchOuts in action

Book a demo with our product experts to see Procurify’s ZAGENO PunchOut at work in our Intelligent Spend Management platform.