Explore the nuanced differences between procurement and purchasing. While procurement emphasizes strategic sourcing and vendor relationships, purchasing deals with day-to-day transactions. Learn how both are vital to business operations.

We have written many articles on purchase orders, but one key term that continues to cause confusion and mixup is purchase requisitions. In this What is a Purchase Requisition and Why It Is Important for Your Business?

Within Operations Management, Purchasing is one of the most ignored and least-understood areas. Because of these factors, Purchasing is a challenge for most companies The Definitive Guide To Organizing Your Company’s Purchasing Process

First, let’s dare to ask: Is the purchasing manager really a “manager”—or is she just a clerk? Twenty-plus years ago, the answer to that question Clerks to Smooth Operators: How Purchasing Managers Are Redefining Their Roles

Purchasing is confusing and much of this confusion is unnecessary and frustrating. The confusion should not exist and the only reason it does exist Saying No To Centralized Purchasing is like Wearing A Blindfold. Here’s Why

“In your personal life everything was user friendly and easy, until you got to work where everything was complicated and hard, that had to How to create a company purchasing process

The ‘win-win’ principle used in purchasing negotiations today books a lot like Larry David in the episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” where David, in The Myth Of ‘Win-Win’ Negotiations in Purchasing

Whether you’re running a corner store or working for a major corporation, it’s incredibly important to be efficient (we know you know, but there’s Understanding Requisitions: Here’s What the Key Components Entail

No matter what size your company is, at some point you’ll need to make purchases. As your business grows, you’ll find the number and Tips for Creating a Formal Purchasing Program

Purchasing groups (otherwise known as centralized purchasing) can be defined as: Two or more organizations joined together (or through a third party), in order 8 Advantages of Purchasing Groups

The concept of international purchasing management, in my (humble!) opinion, is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, large, multinational firms (and some medium-sized ones International Purchasing Management

Increasing revenue, however desirable, isn’t always in the cards. Sales teams hit slumps. And marketing departments, despite their best efforts, sometimes attract less-than-fantastic leads. Reducing Direct and Indirect Purchasing Costs